The answer wins pitch for free trade agreement with Indonesia

Together with a broad alliance from politics and business, Economiesuisse launches the Yes campaign for free trade agreements with Indonesia. The Zurich-based agency Die Antwort won the pitch for the nationwide campaign.

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Switzerland is facing a short but emotional referendum campaign. In just a few weeks, on March 7, 2021, voters will decide whether to ratify or reject the free trade agreement with Indonesia. It will be the first such vote in half a century. The referendum committee has already opened the debate - its representatives are generally opposed to globalized trade, but especially to the import of palm oil.

The Federal Council, business associations and members of parliament from the SVP to the SP see things quite differently. They argue that the agreement would not only benefit trade, but also workers and the environment - for example, because only sustainably grown palm oil would benefit from tariff relief. They say it is a treaty that clearly benefits all sides because it ensures a partnership of equals.

The cross-media campaign will start at the end of January.

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