Ruf Lanz promotes the Informatiktage 2020 anew

The Zurich-based agency Ruf Lanz prevailed in an agency evaluation and now counts Informatiktage 2020 among its client portfolio.


The aim of the Informatiktage is to make the multifaceted world of informatics accessible and tangible for everyone. Companies, start-ups, universities and other hosts in the greater Zurich area will open their doors on the last weekend of March 2020 and offer young and old, laymen and professionals alike, personal encounters and unique insights into their everyday work and research.
The Information Technology Days are organized by the city and canton of Zurich, ETH Zurich and Ergon Informatik and are a project of the eZürich cooperation network, in which representatives from science, politics and business work to promote Zurich as an ICT location. After an agency evaluation, those responsible decided to work with Ruf Lanz because the agency had "proven many times that they can bring complex topics to the point in a pointed, concise and popular way." The first results will be seen in fall 2019.

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