Toan Nguyen: "A gold idea is one that had something to lose"

Toan Nguyen, founder of JvM Nerd and juror at the Cannes Lions Entertainment Lions for Gaming, shares his views on outstanding creativity, trends in gaming and the importance of case films in a video interview.

As part of Cannes Lions, Toan Nguyen led a group of interested parties through the Galerie im Palais on Weischer's initiative, providing exclusive insights into the submitted works and his work as a juror. He is in Cannes for the second time in this role and says: "It depends on the idea, but also on its execution and on who did the work and in what context: "It is important to also reward big brands that are more traditional and have done something bolder."

As a juror for the Entertainment for Gaming category, Nguyen emphasizes that outstanding work must not only impress with brilliant ideas and excellent execution, but also with the courage and willingness to take risks. He is particularly impressed by big brands that are conservative and yet take innovative paths.

It all depends on the case film

For Nguyen, the case film is crucial: it gives jurors an initial feeling and significantly influences the perception of an idea. Nguyen identifies three current trends in the industry: first, the transition from mere entertainment to real entertainment; second, the newly introduced category of humor, which provides relief after a period of sadvertising; and third, the recognition of brands that take real risks while presenting creative solutions. These trends underline the importance of creativity as a competitive advantage in the advertising industry.

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