Cannes Lions: "Team Switzerland" has been chosen

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity will take place on the Croisette from June 17 to June 21. Five young Swiss teams will be traveling to Cannes. In addition, three Swiss industry experts have been appointed to the expert jury.

The Swiss roster for the Young Lions Competition 2024 in Cannes. (Image: m&k Hürlimann)

The Swiss festival representative Weischer.Cinema and the ADC are continuing their partnership to enable young Swiss creatives to take part in the Young Lions Competition 2024. The film, print and digital categories have once again been selected via ADC Young Creatives Awards qualified. The media team was determined in a selection process by Weischer.Cinema. The team that won the ADC Young Creative Award in the Direct category will also be in Cannes, but without taking part in the Young Lions Competition.

The Swiss Young Lions 2024 at a glance

  • Digital: Fabrice Studer and Manuel Silva from TBWA\Zurich
  • Film: Francesca Kleinstück and Emil Maeder from Marty-Trezzini
  • Media: Franca Boeglin from Jung von Matt Limmat, Gabriela Oetliker from Jung von Matt Impact
  • Print: Luisa Jentzsch and Sandro Schmocker from Jung von Matt Limmat
  • Direct: Natalie Friedrich from Jung von Matt Limmat, Joséphine Ducret from Publicis

On Wednesday evening, the Young Lions teams met at the premises of cinema advertising marketer Weischer.Cinema Switzerland for the Young Lions Roundtable to get each other in the mood for the upcoming Young Lions Competition. Christof Kaufmann, CEO of Weischer.Cinema Switzerland, is delighted: "Thanks to the partnership with the ADC, we have created a sustainable solution to promote young Swiss talent and ensure access to the international advertising stage. All Young Lions teams are highly motivated and determined to defend last year's Swiss success."

The Young Lions competition will once again take place alongside the festival this year. From June 17 to June 21, the teams will compete live on the Croisette against the best young creatives in the world.

3 Swiss jurors travel to Cannes

The Cannes Lions Festival has also appointed three Swiss jurors for 2024. "We are delighted that Switzerland is participating in both the Shortlist Jury and the Awarding Jury. We are particularly proud of Switzerland's renewed presence on the Awarding Jury," says Christof Kaufmann.

The Cannes jury consists of the Shortlist Jury and the Awarding Jury, both appointed by the festival management. They evaluate the works of the global creative elite at various stages. The jurors are selected on the basis of nominations from the country representatives and the festival management. The number of jury places per category depends on the country's creative achievements and awards in the previous year.

This year, Dominique Magnusson from Jung von Matt Limmat will be judging for the shortlist jury in the Industry Craft category. Patricia Corsi from Bayer Consumer Health in the Titanium category and Sama Al-Naib from BCW in the PR category have been nominated for the Awarding Jury.

Comparatively few Swiss submissions

This year, Switzerland recorded around 108 submissions. Compared to 157 submissions in 2023, Weischer.Cinema Switzerland is also surprised. "We have noticed that the number of submissions from advertisers has decreased, while the number of agency submissions has remained constant," comments Kaufmann. "We will try to find out in discussions how we can better support the submissions. Ultimately, however, the decision to compete with the advertising elite lies with the advertisers."

Swiss delegation meets again at the Swiss BBQ

Once again this year, Weischer.Cinema Switzerland invites you to the Swiss BBQ at the halfway point of the festival. On Wednesday, June 19, starting at 12 noon, the Swiss delegation will meet for a networking event at O'Key Beach in Cannes. Interested parties can here log in.

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