Submission start for the Effie Awards Switzerland 2024

Companies, agencies, media companies and individuals can now submit their best marketing communication campaigns for the Effie Awards Switzerland 2024. The most successful and effective campaigns of the last two years will be honored in twelve categories at the Award Night on November 6, 2024.

For the organization of this year's Effie Awards Switzerland the categories have been summarized and simplified. The best campaigns are sought in the following categories.

  • Activation: Successful activations around a time-limited offer. The results focus on market performance in the form of purchases, participation or votes.
  • Brand Experience & Partnerships: Brand experiences beyond traditional marketing that positively change brand perception or successful brand platforms that have been created in collaboration with other brands.
  • Brand Image: Brand campaigns that maintain, defend or cultivate brand awareness, profile or image.
  • CRM / Loyalty Program: Long-term activities that have increased customer loyalty and thus customer value and have built up a relationship with customers beyond traditional advertising.
  • Doing Good / Positive Change: Targeted marketing by brands and NGOs that contribute to the common good through environmental or social engagement.
  • Employer Branding & Recruiting: The focus is on measures that help a company to establish a positive image in the long term and thus appear as an attractive employer; internal communication measures also contribute to this.
  • Timely Opportunity: Strategic efforts that could produce the desired results with a single significant moment of action.
  • Social media / influencer marketing: Social media or influencer marketing is successful as a primary touchpoint or main component of communication.
  • Marketing Automation: Outstanding applications of automated marketing strategies that increase campaign efficiency, improve customer experience and deliver measurable results in terms of engagement, conversion and revenue.
  • Media Idea & Media Innovation: Effective ideas and innovations of implementations in which the media idea or innovation was the driver for the creation or implementation.
  • New New: Successful activities in connection with the launch of a new product or service.
  • Public Relations: Press and public relations, investor relations, corporate or crisis communications that have also had a high impact on the brand.

Entries can be submitted until the end of May 2024, and the jury will meet in two rounds in June and September before this year's winning projects are announced at the Award Night on November 6, 2024.

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