Creative Ranking 2023: New entry conditions

This year's creative ranking of m&k is coming up! All Swiss agencies that have taken part in the past five years and those that have scored points in this year's listed awards are automatically entered. The entry window is closed.

The creative ranking of Advertising week m&k shows how Swiss agencies fared at the most important national and international creative awards. The ranking will be published in the first print edition of m&k in the new year and online at published.

"Woohw!" instead of "Swiss Poster Award"

There are a few changes for this year's ranking. The "magic formula", which was last updated in 2018, will see a change of award. As the "Swiss Poster Award" has been replaced by the "Swiss OOH Award" as part of the "Woohw!" industry event, the latter will be included in the creative ranking. The points are counted as follows:

  • Campaign of the Year: 12 points
  • Gold: 8 points
  • Silver: 5 points
  • Bronze: 3 points
  • Shortlist: 1 point

Otherwise, all awards will be considered for this year's creative ranking with the exception of the Effie Awards Switzerland, which will not be held again until 2024. In addition to the main competitions - D&AD, One Show, ADC*E, Eurobest and ADC Switzerland - there are also five international and five national competitions to choose from again this year. Agencies can count their three best results from these awards towards their points from the main competitions.

New input conditions

Another significant change concerns participation: in order to ensure better comparability over the years and a more accurate result, agencies that have participated in the past five years will automatically be included in the ranking. If an agency has not entered or won any of the awards that count, but was listed in the ranking in previous years, this will be noted accordingly.

Agencies that have not actively participated in the last five years but have won or been shortlisted for at least one of the relevant awards are also automatically included in the ranking.

This changes - in part - the concept of the "debt to be discharged", which m&k has followed so far for the implementation of the creative ranking. Agencies are still welcome to complete and submit the participation form themselves so that they have control over their points distribution from the outset. For those agencies that do not submit a form, but are included in the ranking in accordance with the criteria mentioned above, the counting will be carried out by the sponsors - the points distribution will always be in favor of the agency.

Download form

Please download the current form. On the left side (main competitions, green) enter as many award wins as possible, on the right side (5+5 competitions, yellow) select the three awards that give you the most points.

Download form Creative Ranking 2023

The same rules apply as last year.

  • Only the highest award given counts if a campaign has won multiple awards (for multiple individual subjects) in the same jury category.
  • Only one award will be credited per category and campaign.
  • Work in which a substantial contribution to the work comes from Switzerland is eligible for points. If a Swiss agency submits work for a foreign agency, the latter is not eligible to participate.

Please return the filled out form by December 22, 2023 at 12 noon at the latest to and

Important: Please inform the responsible person at the agency if they do not see the call. We have sent the form directly to the agencies that automatically participate according to the new conditions. However, as responsibilities vary from year to year, it is still possible that the form may not reach the right person.

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