Barilla wins Greatest TikTok Europe Award

Barilla has won the prestigious Greatest TikTok Europe Award for its #SecondLifePasta campaign at this year's TikTok Ad Awards Grand Prix in Amsterdam. The event honored outstanding creativity in campaigns on TikTok.

Barilla's award-winning campaign, #SecondLifePasta, which aimed to reduce food waste, impressed the eight-member jury representing various European markets. The initiative reached over 110 million TikTok users and resulted in an annual saving of more than 500,000 meals. Ester Miozzo, Global Brand Equity and Communication Director at Barilla, expressed her pride in delivering a meaningful message in a fun way by working with TikTok and agency partners.

The core of the campaign is to tackle food waste, a global concern that Barilla has creatively addressed. The campaign encouraged users to create recipes with leftover pasta and turned this into a global movement. Lina Arnold, CEO of Joli Berlin and jury member, praised Barilla for capturing the essence of Italian culinary traditions and turning it into a global phenomenon.

Arnold commented: "Their creative and inspirational content engaged the TikTok community and emphasized the importance of reducing food waste. This innovative campaign, rooted in authenticity, masterfully embodied the brand's core values and traditions and blended seamlessly with all of our TikTok ForYou pages."


#stitch with @barilla Leftover pasta tastes even better the next day. Try it for yourself and tag Barilla #SecondLifePasta

♬ Original sound - Can Der Koch

TikTok, as a platform where creativity meets performance, has become a crucial space for brands to authentically connect with target audiences. Research shows that 47% of a brand's sales lift from advertising on TikTok is the result of creativity. The TikTok First Creative approach leads to better results for brands, including a 10% increase in brand recall and a 47% increase in actions.

Stuart Flint, Head of Global Business Solutions for Europe at TikTok, reflected on the year's creativity on the platform and emphasized the deeper understanding that brands have developed in terms of community interaction. He praised Barilla for using the TikTok community not only to create delicious meals, but also to communicate a message of sustainability.


To celebrate WorldPastaDay, give your leftover pasta a second life by creating new delicious recipes. #SecondLifePasta #Barilla #ASignOfLove

♬ original sound - barilla

Flint said: "All of the nominated brands and agencies really captured the authentic, joyful and fun content that is the foundation of TikTok. But Barilla has really used the community to create a two-way dialog, not only to create incredible meals, but also to deliver a message on sustainability. Creativity created with a TikTok-first mentality achieves the most powerful results for brands, big and small."

The TikTok Ad Awards also introduced for the first time a dedicated category for small businesses to recognize their creative campaigns on TikTok. The event showed that TikTok continues to be a driving force for brands looking to make a real-world impact through creative and culturally relevant content.


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