Pentawards 2023: Silver and bronze for the Echt agency

The international competition honors the best packaging designs: Silver was awarded to Suederei in the Sustainable Design category and bronze to Zweifel Joujoux AR-Packaging.


The Pentawards, an international competition for the best in the packaging design industry, have unveiled this year's winners in London Magazine. The Swiss creative agency Echt was able to secure two of the coveted awards.

Silver - reduction to the essentials

The jury also praised the sustainable rebranding and packaging design for the Suederei and presented it with a silver award in the Sustainable Design category. Only one printing ink was used for the packaging, no glue is required and the product name is die-cut to give the product a special extra touch. This combination of minimal use of materials, which nevertheless protects the product as required, and a packaging design that positions the Suederei product brand were the decisive factors for the award.

Bronze - Connected Packaging Design

The interactive Zweifel Joujoux AR-Packaging project won the Bronze Award. It brings packaging design to life and offers added value. In collaboration with programming and app development partner Eltronix, the high-quality brand design experience and user guidance were programmed and created, which received special mention and recognition at the award ceremony.






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