Two gold medals for Swiss tourism advertising

Switzerland Tourism wins first place twice at the International Tourism Film Festival in Valencia. The two successful films "No Drama" with Roger Federer and Robert de Niro and "No One Upstages the Grand Tour" with Roger Federer and Anne Hathaway were honored.

André Hefti, CMO Switzerland Tourism (left) and Martin Pally, Head of Campaigns Switzerland Tourism. (Image: Switzerland Tourism)

The "International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (cifft)" is the umbrella organization of up to ten different international film festivals each year with a focus on tourism films. The festivals take place in Asia, Europe and North America. Participating films that receive awards at these festivals collect points for the overall ranking at the end of the year.

The 35th "Annual World Tourism Film Award" took place in Valencia (Spain) on November 22. Throughout the year, over 4,000 films were submitted to the various festivals, 110 made it into the overall annual ranking, and 27 of these were ultimately honored in Valencia. Switzerland was the only country to secure first place in two categories. Switzerland Tourism (ST) thus not only won two gold trophies, but also won the national ranking for Switzerland.

The film "No Drama" starring Roger Federer and Robert de Niro took first place in the "Tourism Destination Countries" category.

And first place in the "Tourism Products" category went to the film "No One Upstages the Grand Tour" starring Roger Federer and Anne Hathaway. Accepting the trophies on behalf of ST were CMO André Hefti and Head of Campaigns Martin Pally. Rocio Cibràn Barreiro, Honorary Consul of Switzerland in Valencia, was also delighted to receive the award and was one of the first to congratulate the winners. André Hefti dedicated the award to the large, dedicated team at ST and the Swiss agencies involved, Wirz, Stories, Pumpkin Film and SirMary.

No chance successes

Advertising films that receive awards are often suspected of only appealing to a jury of experts, while finding little resonance with the general public. This assumption does not apply to the two winning spots from Switzerland Tourism: the YouTube Cannes Ads Leaderboard is an annual list of the top 10 most popular video ads on YouTube worldwide. In 2022, the commercial featuring Anne Hathaway and Roger Federer took second place. The previous year, "No Drama" made it to seventh place on the global YouTube Ads Leaderboard. That was already a sensation. It was the first time that a Swiss advertising clip was represented in a global ranking.

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