Mobility Carsharing is Master of Swiss Apps

Mobility Carsharing wins the master title of Best of Swiss Apps 2023. The client is Mobility Genossenschaft, the app was developed by Adnovum. In the final vote, Mobility Carsharing prevailed over eight other candidates.

Mobility Carsharing wins the master title of Best of Swiss Apps 2023. (Image: Netzmedien)

The Master of Swiss Apps 2023 has been chosen. At the eleventh Best of Swiss Apps Award Night, Mobility Carsharing came out on top. The app was commissioned by Mobility Genossenschaft and developed by Adnovum.

Apart from the Master title, the project also won Gold twice, in the Design and UX & Usability categories.

The jury's verdict in the Design category: "Designing a practical app that is useful in everyday life in such a way that it not only meets the core requirements but is also visually attractive is a major challenge. The makers of the Mobility car-sharing app have succeeded in achieving this symbiosis. Graphic details such as individual - in some cases multi-colored - icons, likeable transition animations and intuitive operation make the Mobility car sharing app a deserved gold winner."

The jury's verdict in the UX & Usability category: "The Mobility car sharing app convinced the jury in its latest version. With a well thought-out implementation of the essential use case per se: Find and book an available Mobility car near you, quickly and easily. The design is also appealing and is a pleasure to use on a regular basis. The jury noticed a few stumbling blocks in the search, such as ambiguities on the map when filtering is active. Congratulations to Gold - this update is a 'slam dunk'."

Loeb Club App and UBS Key4 on the podium

One third of the votes for the master choice came from the jury of Best of Swiss Apps. Another third was determined by the subscribers of Netzticker. And another third was decided by the participants at the Award Night.

The Loeb Club app, developed by JLS Digital on behalf of Loeb, took the second most votes.

Third place went to the UBS Key4 app, implemented by Mona and Mateo on behalf of UBS.

These are the gold winners:

  • AP Messaging
  • Koster Home - Energy Manager
  • Loeb Club App
  • Migros Merge
  • Mobility Carsharing
  • Quitt Business
  • Splint Invest
  • Strickhof
  • UBS key4

This article first appeared in Netzwoche. You can see the highlights of the award night in the Ticker of the net week read epub.

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