Nine Nominees for the Master of Swiss Apps 2023

The master candidates of Best of Swiss Apps 2023 are known. Nine apps are in the running for the title.

The Best of Swiss Apps jury has nominated the best projects of the year. Nine apps have stood out from a total of 169 project entries and are competing for the master vote. Subscribers to Netzticker can vote from Thursday until October 5. All those who have registered by September 27, 2023 are eligible to vote.


AP Messaging

With "AP Messaging" Audemars Piguet has found an innovative and surprising solution for consistent communication between customers and sales staff in the luxury segment: a dedicated iOS keyboard that is compatible with all major chat apps such as Line, WhatsApp and WeChat. Among other things, it contains templates, professional images, and access to product range data. This enables end-to-end consulting throughout the life of the watch - from acquisition to revision.

  • Client: Audemars Piguet
  • Agency: Liip


Koster Home - Energy Manager

Those who own a house with a photovoltaic system can use the "Koster Home - Energy Manager" overview its energy consumption and get the maximum out of the generated solar energy. The app convinces not only with its functional and aesthetic design and intuitive navigation, but above all with its functionality: An AI chat, trained with the device manuals, is available for quick self-help. If that is not enough, the service technician is summoned via video call. The result is a successful overall package for domestic energy efficiency.

  • Client: Koster
  • Agency: Cando


Loeb Club App

The Bernese department store Loeb enables with its Club App now also offers a digital shopping experience. The app offers an elegant overview of one's own membership as well as functions such as points collection, voucher management, and news that are particularly easy to access. The solution was technically implemented as a web app, which impresses with functionalities such as installability, offline mode, barcode scanner, and an automatic dark mode.

  • Client: Loeb
  • Agency: Jls Digital


Migros Merge

With the game "Migros Merge" the retailer brings its own corporate history and the "company THEN" to life and lets customers share in it. The emotionalization with storytelling and the product placement of the Love Brands makes the brand even more likeable. Smart features such as the friends system with its own ranking list and the current weekly offers motivate regular use of the app in addition to the fun of playing.

  • Client: Federation of Migros Cooperatives
  • Agency: Gbanga Millform


Mobility Carsharing

Mobility Carsharing has become a relevant provider for modern mobility. With the relaunch of the app of the same name, the digital experience now matches this: Thanks to intuitive operation, the app enables a user-friendly mobility experience from planning to reservation to vehicle use. And thanks to the visually attractive design with multicolored icons and likeable transition animations, it's even really fun to use.

  • Client: Mobility Cooperative
  • Agency: Adnovum


Quitt Business

With Quitt Business makes hiring employees child's play. The app ensures that all authorities are informed, all employment contracts are legally compliant, and payrolls are correct. Legal, financial and HR aspects are thus digitized and automated for the hiring process. With its impressive range of functions and user-friendly interface, Quitt has the potential to make the HR management of smaller companies more efficient in the long term.

  • Developed by: ServiceHunter (in-house)


Splint Invest

With the App "Splint Invest a new, extremely diverse investment field was opened up: From as little as 50 francs, investments can be made in shares of mechanical watches, champagne or other luxury goods. Intuitively, all the basics are presented very comprehensively and yet clearly. In addition, the app convinces with a beautiful design and easy handling. Virtual, proportional ownership may still be foreign to older generations, but Gen Z is perfectly addressed by this app.

  • Developed by: Mark Investment Holding (in-house)



Strickhof, a Swiss center of excellence in agriculture, food and home economics, is getting a new lease of life with the app of the same name a suitable digital hub. The app is a practical educational companion in all situations for learners and experienced farmers alike. From heat stress calculator to campus navigation or expert chat, all features provide appropriate and relevant information with great added value. Interactive features such as the submission of ideas for the toolbox and personalization according to areas of interest promote user engagement.

  • Client: Strickhof
  • Agency: Bitforge


UBS & UBS key4

UBS key4 is an innovative banking app that not only revolutionizes banking, but also simplifies the lives of its existing or future clientele. Particularly noteworthy is the smooth end-to-end onboarding. New clients can open a UBS account in no time and with minimal effort and get started right away. The app also impresses with its fresh and consistent design language as well as its customizability: thanks to the customizable dashboard, the banking experience becomes even more personal.

  • Client: UBS Switzerland
  • Agency: Mona and Mateo

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