DoN receives "Better Sound" Award for "The Sound of ZKB

Building bridges that convince: The Zurich audio branding agency Department of Noise has been honored at the International Sound Awards 2023 in Hamburg for its work for ZKB.

Technology and trust are the decisive drivers in the brand context of Zürcher Kantonalbank. Combining these is the task of "Sound" at Switzerland's third-largest bank. In practice, this seems to be working well: The new ZKB sound has been in use at a wide variety of touchpoints since summer 2022, and every day it is helping to successively bring together the appeal of a dynamic banking innovator with the feeling of trust towards the state-owned bank.

The jury of the International Sound Awards was impressed by both the conceptual considerations and the implementation. "The Sound of ZKB" received a "Better Sound" award in the Audio Branding category.

"One of the challenges in this task was to create a system that is flexible enough to accommodate the multi-layered target group and the multi-faceted communication measures - without losing the common thread," explains Florian Goetze, Director Strategy & Creation at Department of Noise.

PhiLipp Schweidler, Director Strategy & Creation at Department of Noise, adds: "The empirical data collected during development with our survey tool 'MeloMetric' once again proved very helpful and helped to sharpen both idea and design. And the whole project seems to benefit from this, as has now been shown!"

The "International Sound Awards" take place annually, they honor intelligent, innovative and useful projects in nine categories related to audio communication.

Responsible at Zürcher Kantonalbank: Daniel Locher (Senior Brand Manager), Dominik Streich (Creative Director), Simon Baumann (Multimedia Producer); Responsible at KMS TEAM: Robert Börsting (Design Director); Responsible at Department of Noise: Florian Goetze, PhiLipp Schweidler (Strategy & Creative Direction), Michael Stuber (Strategy), Yves Gerber (Creative Producer).

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