32 precious metal trophies crown the 24th SDV Award Night

On Friday, the Swiss dialog marketing scene experienced a glamorous evening at XTra Zurich. The 24th SDV Award Night, supported by partner companies such as Swiss Post and media partners such as M&K | Werbewoche, exuded a touch of Hollywood glamour. Werbewoche.ch has the moving pictures.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the works, accompanied by elaborately produced case films. Swiss Post (DirectPoint) as well as other partner companies contributed significantly to this evening, which was hosted by the SDV Swiss Dialog Marketing Association, and thus provided a stage for the creativity of the dialog marketing scene.

Thomas Engeli, who has presided over the jury for the past six years, had both praising and critical words to say: "For me, the year was a complete success. We had a few really good works that were awarded prizes, but a lot of works that were out pretty quickly.

After the eagerly awaited Award Night at XTra Zurich, the more than 200 guests were drawn outside to celebrate the industry's successes. A total of 32 precious metal trophies were awarded, including 6 bronze, 14 silver, 8 gold and 4 industry awards. These awards are testament to the achievements and pursuit of excellence in the dialog marketing scene.




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