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The 70th International Festival of Creativity is in full swing. reports live from the Croisette: All shortlist placements, winning campaigns, important events and our video of the day can be found here, updated several times a day.

It is the question of questions around which everything revolves these days on the Côte d'Azur: Which are the best campaigns in the world? Who can still hope for a lion? Several times a day, we will keep you up to date with all the important developments live from the Croisette.

Saturday, June 24, 2023 - the balance sheet

That was the 70th Festival of Creativity in Cannes! The balance for Switzerland: Of 157 entries, 16 landed on the shortlists, two lions travel to Switzerland. Silver was awarded in the "Innovation" category for Ariel's innovative recyclable packaging solution submitted by Hamburg-based agency Landor & Fitch and Geneva-based Procter & Gamble International.

Bronze was awarded to the "Migros Beer", which the Wirz Group designed for the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, in the "PR" category.

In addition, Gabriela Oetliker (Jung von Matt Impact) and Sophia-Maria Kramer (Jung von Matt Limmat) won bronze in the Young Lions Competition in the Media category.

For comparison:

  • 2018: 269 entries, 5 lions
  • 2019: 284 entries, 7 lions
  • 2020/2021: 177 submissions, 1 lion
  • 2022: 186 submissions, 0 lions

Friday, June 23, 2023

Update 9:30 pm: On Friday evening, the last Lions were awarded, Switzerland came away empty-handed and thus goes home with two Lions.

News from Havas Café: tribute to Jaques Séguéla

On Thursday evening, Havas founder Jaques Séguéla, 89, was honored at the Havas Café in Cannes and celebrated until the early hours of the morning. The Swiss Havas team was also present (from left: Gabriel Mauron, CCO; to the right of Jaques Séguéla: Camille Delesalle, Managing Director and (far right) CEO Jonas Eliassen.

From left: CEO Jonas Eliassen, CCO Gabriel Mauron, Camille Delesalle, Managing Director; all Havas Switzerland.

Bronze for the Swiss Media Young Lions!

The 70th Festival of Creativity is drawing to a close. But there is also great news for Switzerland on the last day of Cannes Lions: The two participants Gabriela Oetliker (Jung von Matt Impact) and Sophia-Maria Kramer (Jung von Matt Limmat) of the Young Lions Competition in the category Media take home bronze!

We asked: How are they both doing? Gabriela Oetliker: "To be honest - I don't know. It's a wild mix of joy, gratitude and disbelief. Sophia-Maria Kramer says: "We're going to let this sink in now - maybe a cold drink or two will help us realize it. Many thanks to Switzerland, Jung von Matt and especially Weischer Switzerland for their trust! It was an honor for us to represent our country."

Sophia-Maria Kramer (l.) and Ana Gabriela Oetliker (r.) take bronze in the Young Lions Competition.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Update 21.30: Second lion for Switzerland

After the bronze lion for Wirz, it's silver in the "Innovation" category for Switzerland on Thursday. Ariel's innovative recyclable packaging solution was submitted by Hamburg-based agency Landor & Fitch and Geneva-based Procter & Gamble International. The project is still nominated in the "Sustainable Development Goals" category, and the winning projects in this category will be announced on Friday. Also hopeful is the NZZ film from Stories.


First conclusion from m&k

Co-Editor-in-Chief Anna Kohler and Editor Beat Hürlimann have been at the Croisette since the beginning of the week. On Thursday evening, the two draw a first conclusion from this year's Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and share their impressions.


Nervousness among the youngsters before the presentation on Thursday afternoon

Representing "Team Swiss 2023" in the "Media" category: Sophia-Maria Kramer (left) and Gabriela Oetliker. (Image: zVg.)

Sophia-Maria Kramer from Jung von Matt Limmat and Gabriela Oetliker from Jung von Matt Impact are part of "Team Swiss 2023" in this year's Young Lions Competition and are competing in the "Media" category. On you can report on the hours between briefing and presentation. Who will win will be known on Friday morning.

"The briefing was very challenging for us at first, because it's about a very big, current topic. But we believe that the more you get your ass kicked at the beginning, the more you'll be happy when you crack the nut later. We are full of caffeine, adrenaline, endorphins and biting our fingernails 😅 after our submission last night and before our presentation this afternoon. We're looking forward to lots of crossed fingers!"
- Sophia Kramer & Gabriela Oetliker

On Thursday afternoon, the time had come: Sophia and Gabriela drew a positive conclusion:

"The presentation went quite well. Everyone was smiling and nodding. One guy said 'we won his soul', so let's keep our fingers crossed that we won his vote too 🙏."
- Sophia Kramer & Gabriela Oetliker


Interview with Benjamin Tuck from Accenture Song

Benjamin Tück, Country Lead of Accenture Song Switzerland, is also currently attending the Creativity Festival on the Croisette. With Co-Editor-in-Chief Johannes Hapig from m&k he talked about his impressions on site, but also about Swiss and global trends in the digital, marketing and communications industry. Click here for the interview on


Panel on creativity with Matthew Bull, Sir John Hegarty and Fernando Machado

At the start of the fourth day at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2023, "Creative Marketer of the Year" AB InBev hosted a private panel discussion - the press was not admitted. m&k Co-Editor-in-Chief Anna Kohler accepted the personal invitation of Chief Creative Advisor Matthew Bull, which deals with Sir John Hegarty and Fernando Machado.

Sir John Hegarty (2nd from left) talks with Fernando Machado (2nd from right) and Matthew Bull (right) about creativity. (Image: Anna Kohler)

Hegarty spoke about the importance of creativity. An "expression of self" - without soul, creativity is not authentic, according to Bartle founder Bogle Hegarty. For Machado, creativity means doing things differently than everyone else. An example? The Levi's campaign from the 90s with Flat Eric. "We wanted something other than washboard abs and beauty," adds Hegarty, whose agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty was responsible for the campaign.

Creativity also requires curiosity and time, Machado continues, He has learned every day, invested a lot: "It took me more than ten years to create something good," says the CMO of NetCo. Because no one is born creative. You have to learn, train, be inspired by good ideas, he said. "Surround yourself with great stuff, and you'll make great stuff. And if an idea is not good, reject it," concludes Machado.

Sir John Hegarty (right), together with Matthew Bull and Anna Kohler.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Update 9:30pm: Finally a lion for Switzerland! The "Migros Beer", which the Wirz Group designed for the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, secured bronze in the "PR" category for the agency and client on Wednesday evening. We have everything on the winning campaign and a short interview with category jury president Jo-ann Robertson. here summarized for you.


Weischer.Cinema Swiss BBQ in CannesWith video

Switzerland gathered for the traditional Weischer Cinema Swiss BBQ at O'Key Beach, of course with the best view of the sea. Rosé, good food and above all wonderful conversations made the time fly by. Anna Kohler and Beat Hürlimann were on site and captured their impressions here. (All pictures: Anna Kohler).

The winning team of the Young Lions Competition from ADC: Julia Fuchs from Wunderman Thompson and Nathan Bastino from Wunderman Thompson.

Juliane Merz and Christof Kaufmann, both Weischer Cinema.
Naomi Gulla and Selina Engeli, both TBWA and also ADC Young Lions Competition winners.
Terence Fuchs (l.) Serviceplan and Cedric Fuchs, Jung von Matt Limmat, both ADC Young Lions Competition winners.
Gianluca Trezzini, Alix Gerber and Yves Marty, all Marty and Trezzini.
Chantal Landis, GF IAA Swiss Chapter, Matthias Kiess, TBWA.
Mike Baur, (l., Weischer Media) and Beat Hürlimann (
Juliane Merz (Weischer Media), Anna Kohler (m&k Werbewoche), Chantal Landis (IAA Swiss Chapter).
Luitgard Hagl and Wolfgang Bark, both Jung von Matt Limmat.
Roman Hirsbrunner (l.), CEO Jung von Matt Switzerland, Wolfgang Bark, Jung von Matt Limmat.
Fabian Biedermann (Kind regards), Cedric Fuchs (Jung von Matt), Alina Biedermann (TBWA), Samuel Textor (Kind regards).
Julia Koch and Mike Baur, both Weischer Media.
From left: Juliane Merz (Weischer Media), Chantal Landis (IAA Swiss Chapter), Beatrice Cox, (IAA Austria).


16th shortlist placement for Switzerland

On Wednesday morning, the shortlist placements in the category - the last one - "Sustainable Development Goals" were published. Here, too, Switzerland was able to secure a nomination. As in the Design and Innovation category, the campaign for Ariel "Making inaccessible accessible" - Landor & Fitch, Hamburg / Procter & Gamble, Geneva, is nominated here. The idea: packaging for laundry detergent that is ecological and at the same time difficult to access for children - but easy to open for adults. The solution was a kind of cardboard safety lock. The prize will be awarded on Friday evening.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Update 9:30pm: There are no Lions for Switzerland on the second evening either. On Wednesday there is the next chance in the PR category, as well as on Thursday with the Innovation Lions.

Beat Hürlimann of m&k was able to conduct short video interviews with three of the five jury presidents of the Grand Prix awarded on Tuesday.

In the "Film Craft" category, PgLang and Park Pictures Los Angeles were awarded the Grand Prix for "We Cry Together". The music video for Kendrick Lamar and Taylour Paige was realized with only one take.

What does jury president Kim Gehrig say about the Grand Prix in the Film Craft category?

The Grand Prix in the "Design" category went to "ADLaM - an Alphabet to Preserve a Culture" for Microsoft by McCann New York. The "ADLaM Display" digitized the West African Pulaar alphabet and made it available on Microsoft 365.

This is how jury president Quinnton Harris justifies the Grand Prix in the Design category:

For the Nike project "Never Done Evolving Feat Serena" Akqa Sao Paulo, Portland and Melbourne won the Grand Prix in the Digital Craft category. Using AI and machine learning, the development of Serena Williams was presented in an original way.

And this is how jury president Resh Siduh justifies the Grand Prix in the Digital Craft category:

That was the IAA event

Meeting with IAA members from all around the world: Exciting conversations with executives from LinkedIn, Wunderman Thompson, Gamned and the International Advertising Associaion IAA itself about - who is surprised here in Cannes - creativity!

Team Swiss 2023 at the Young Lons Competition 2023

Joséphine Ducret and Natalie Friedrich from Jung von Matt Limmat have won this year's ADC Young Creatives Award in the "Film" category and will represent "Team Swiss 2023" at the Young Lions Competition 2023 - also in the 2023 category. Now the youngsters have received the briefing - Natalie and Joséphine have 48 hours to come up with a 60-second commercial. All the other categories - Print, Digital, Media and Direct - have been given just 24 hours. they have a little insight into their Cannes-experiences granted.

Working on the crack: Youngsters Joséphine Ducret (left) and Natalie Friedrich. (Pictures: zVg.)

"The Film team already received the briefing on Monday. So for us, work started right away on the first day at the Croisette. We have a total of 48 hours to solve an exciting and challenging briefing. Soon the final spurt will be underway - and afterwards, of course, we'll get lots of inspiration in the pavilion and enjoy the festival."
- Joséphine Ducret

"The briefing, like every briefing at the beginning, is still a sticking point. But we're confident that together we can pull off something good in the short time we have. It remains exciting."
- Natalie Friedrich

Insight from presenter Tanya König

Tanya König opened the second day of the Cannes Lions Festival at 10 am. On, the "Faces & Stories" presenter shares her impressions of her eventful Tuesday morning.

Tanya König together with Kevin Hart (center) and Jeffrey Katzenberg. (Image: Tanya König)

"The first seminar was a conversation between U.S. comedian and actor Kevin Hart and Jeffrey Katzenberg, the co-founder of DreamWorks Animation and former CEO of Walt Disney Studios. The festival has chosen Kevin Hart as 'Entertainment Person of the Year'. The theme of the festival is 'This is your moment' - and this was just my moment. That's why I captured it photographically (see picture above) and shared on social media with the hashtag #canneslions70. Of course, I had to ask the PR person from Hartbeat, Kevin Hart's company, beforehand. But she agreed right away. Kevin Hart and Jeffrey were also very affable, both giving me a warm hug on stage after the session. I've moderated over 100 events in my career, but having a Speaker hug you is something I've never experienced. I can say that was already a great start to the day!"
- Tanya king

Tanya König together with Anna Kohler from m&k on the terrace. (Image: Tanya König)

15th shortlist placement for Switzerland

Shortlist placements in the Creative Effectiveness, Creative Commerce, Creative Business Transformation, Creative Strategy and Film categories were released Tuesday morning. In the latter category, Stories has now received the third nomination for its NZZ-Film "When the Debate falls silent, voice your words". in the subcategory Media/Entertainment.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Beat Hürlimann is currently at the Cannes Lions on the hunt for votes. He spontaneously spoke with Michael Falkensteiner, Head of Branding at O2, about the great importance of creativity in advertising and about an innovative client-agency model that addresses the growing complexity in agency-client relationships.


Update 9:30pm: The first Lions have been awarded - Switzerland came away empty-handed on this first evening. On Tuesday evening, it's back to keeping your fingers crossed for Switzerland, when the winning campaigns in the Design and Film Craft categories will be announced. On Wednesday there will be a chance in the PR category, followed by the Innovation Lions on Thursday. So it remains exciting!

14 shortlisted places for Switzerland

The shortlist placements in the first categories are in. And Switzerland has a good chance of taking home a Lion or two. A total of 14 works have already been nominated - the campaign "When art has to travel" by Ruf Lanz has landed on the shortlist a total of six times, but other Swiss agencies can also hope to win.

The first nominees at a glance:


  • Category Food: Toblerone be more Triangle - Bulletproof London, Mondelez Zurich
  • Rebrand category: Toblerone be more Triangle - Bulletproof London, Mondelez Zurich
  • Category Other FMCG: Ariel Making inaccessible accessible - Landor & Fitch, Hamburg / Procter & Gamble, Geneva

Film Craft

Health & Wellness

  • Fundraising & Advocacy Category: The Last Mile International Red Cross - Weber Shandwick Geneva


  • Category Product Innovation: Ariel Making inaccessible accessible - Landor & Fitch, Hamburg / Procter & Gamble, Geneva


  • Category Consumer Services B2B (Sector Billboards): Welti Furrer Fine Art Transport Magritte "The Son of Man" - Ruf Lanz Zurich
  • Category Consumer Services B2B (Sector Posters): Welti Furrer Fine Art Transport Magritte "The Son of Man" - Ruf Lanz Zurich
  • Consumer Services B2B Category (Posters Sector): Welti Furrer Fine Art Transport Vermeer "Girl with a Pearl Earring" - Ruf Lanz Zurich
  • Consumer Services B2B Category (Posters Sector): Welti Furrer Fine Art Transport Van Gogh "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear" - Ruf Lanz Zurich


Print & Publishing:

  • Category Consumer Services B2B: Welti Furrer Fine Art Transport Vermeer "Girl with a Pearl Earring" - Ruf Lanz Zurich
  • Consumer Services B2B Category (Posters Sector): Welti Furrer Fine Art Transport Van Gogh "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear" - Ruf Lanz Zurich

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