"CMO of the Year 2023": The nominees have been determined

The six nominees for the second "CMO of the Year" have been determined. They were selected by a panel of experts on the basis of the criteria "personality," "success," "innovation," "customer centricity," and "sustainability (including diversity and meaningfulness).

Any Jury member had suggested two candidates in advance. The Institute for Marketing and Customer Insights at the University of St. Gallen made a preliminary selection and also drew up a profile of the candidates who made it into this first selection, which served the jury as a basis for assessing their performance.

The jurors then met high above the rooftops of Zurich in the "Clouds" to determine the nominees. After discussions and voting, six favorites emerged:

The final winner from this illustrious circle will be announced on June 1, 2023, during the exclusive Award Night with invited guests in the Papiersaal in Zurich.

About the award: The election of the "Chief Marketing Officer of the Year" is intended to demonstrate the importance of the position in the Swiss economy. The field of marketing has become increasingly important in recent years; topics such as digitalization, sustainability and the meaningfulness of a product/service are becoming more and more important. The "Chief Marketing Officer of the Year" stands as a role model for the marketing industry vis-à-vis the public, the state and also for the attractiveness of the profession with regard to the career choice of future professionals.

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