Best of Content Marketing Award: Submission opens

The submission portal of the 21st BCM is open from February 1 for the best recent works in content-driven communication. This year with many innovations.

The Content Marketing Forum as organizer of the Competition has the BCM undergone a thorough relaunch and has said goodbye to categorization according to individual media types. The award is now sorted according to target groups: B2B, B2C, B2E, Financial Communication and Children & Youth are now the main categories - in some cases further subdivided according to target group interests and industries.

"The focus of the evaluation is on the content and whether it is prepared and placed in an appropriate way to reach the target audience and the goals set with them," says Olaf Wolff, chairman of the CMF. "The choice of medium to reach the target audience is and will remain important, of course, but we are concerned with evaluating communications performance as a whole, not the execution of a singular medium."

The BCM is thus following the development of the content marketing industry: "The radius in which content marketing moves today is much larger than it was a few years ago. There are hardly any single masters any more, we see more and more campaigns and the classification of CM activities in a larger context. The terms of reference and briefings have developed strongly in this direction," explains Peter Matz, BCM Officer of the CMF Board.

Space for individual performance

Outstanding individual creative achievements also find their place in the new BCM: with Art of Storytelling and the four associated sub-categories Data, Film, Reportage and Visual. Sustainability and crisis communications will also be honored - as will strategy and the industry's top talent with the Young Talent of the Year. This year, for the first time, the CMF's NextGen, the panel of young talents in the content marketing industry, is the sponsor for the young talent work.

Submission Tips - February 14 Webinar

"Thanks to fewer categories and more uniform requirements, the submission process has become easier this year," promises Regina Karnapp, CMF executive director. "We have a detailed guideline on this on our website, and anyone who wants to get additional tips is invited to attend the free webinar for submitters on February 14 from 10 to 11:30 a.m."
The most important dates for BCM 2023:

- Submission deadline: February 1 to April 30
- Early reach phase: until February 28
- Publication shortlist: September 5
- Best of Content Marketing. The event - with award ceremony: October 6


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