Creative ranking: Download and fill out form now

Das Kreativranking von m&k steht an! Alle Schweizer Agenturen, die bei den gelisteten Awards gepunktet haben, dürfen teilnehmen. Das Formular kann ab sofort heruntergeladen werden.

Kreativranking 2022

The creative ranking held at the end of each year by Advertising week m&k maps how Swiss agencies performed in the most important national and international creative awards. The ranking is published in the first print edition of m&k in the new year and online at published.

Since there were no more pandemic-related cancellations this year, all awards can once again be considered for this year's creative ranking - even the Swiss Effie, which is only held every two years.

However, the "magic formula", which has undergone a minor update in the 2018 edition, remains unchanged: In addition to the main competitions (D&AD, One Show, ADC*E, Eurobest and ADC Switzerland), there are five international and five national competitions to choose from this year. From these, agencies can have their three best results count towards the points from the main competitions.

Please download the current form. On the left side (main competitions, green) enter as many award wins as possible, on the right side (5+5 competitions, yellow) select the three awards that give you the most points.

Download form creative ranking 2022

The same rules apply as last year.

  • Only the highest award given counts if a campaign has won multiple awards (for multiple individual subjects) in the same jury category.
  • Only one award will be credited per category and campaign.
  • Eligible for points are works where a substantial contribution to the work comes from Switzerland. If a Swiss agency submits work for a foreign agency, these are not eligible.

Please return the filled out form by December 24, 2022 at the latest to and

Important: Please inform the responsible person in the agency if they do not see the call. We will still send the form personally in some cases, but we can never cover all agencies and people it concerns (because in some cases the responsible employees also change from year to year). The creative ranking of m&k has always been a "bring debt" - if you don't submit, you don't participate.

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