Best of Content Marketing Award is completely renewed

Categories, judging criteria, event: The Best of Content Marketing Award is being relaunched in 2023. Only one thing remains the same: the judging process.

In the year following the 20th awarding of the Best of Content Marketing Awards the organizer Content Marketing Forum e.V. (CMF) has put the competition to the test and completely renewed it: The categories, the evaluation criteria, the event and last but not least the timing - nothing remains as it was at the BCM, at least almost nothing.

"We have increasingly noticed recently that the competition in its original logic and approach simply no longer fits the reality of our now completely changed industry," explains Peter Matz, BCM Officer of the CMF Board, "the radius in which content marketing operates today is much larger than it was a few years ago. There are hardly any single masters anymore, we see more and more campaigns and the classification of CM activities in a larger context. The terms of reference and briefings have developed strongly in this direction."

New categories

The BCM is now taking this into account with a completely new category logic and changed evaluation criteria: "We are focusing entirely on the content and the question of whether it is prepared and placed in a suitable way to reach the target group and the goals set for it," says Olaf Wolff, Chairman of the CMF. Accordingly, submissions are no longer divided according to media, but according to target groups: B2B, B2C, B2E, etc.

"We are now in a position with the BCM to honor any type of content-driven communication - as an overall concept, in campaign form, or as an outstanding medium in its concrete communicative environment," says Matz. This opens up the BCM even more to companies and agencies that do not conduct content marketing as a core business, but rather embedded in the broad field of diverse marketing activities.

"But there's one thing we're sticking to," adds Regina Karnapp, Managing Director of the CMF, "and that's our jury process. It has received top marks in all feedback rounds and will be maintained in its quality and transparency as well as in the professionally balanced composition of the jury."

Executive Director Regina Karnapp, Peter Matz, BCM Officer of the CMF Board and Olaf Wolff, Chairman of the CMF.

The most important facts about the new BCM:

- Timing: Submission start date is February 2023, submission period ends April 30.
- Categories: The ten main categories are: Art of Storytelling, B2B, B2C, B2E (each with subcategories), Financial Communication, Children & Youth, Crisis Communication, Sustainability Communication, Young Talent of the Year, Strategy.
- Evaluation criteria: The evaluation criteria focus on the overall concept, content and target group. They can be viewed at any time on the BCM website
- Event: The Best of Content Marketing event in fall 2023 will highlight the outstanding cases of the competition on stage and provide plenty of space for professional discussions and networking

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