These are best content creators in Switzerland 2022

On Thursday evening, the Smile Swiss Influencer Awards took place in Zurich's Kaufleuten. The winners in the ten categories include Whitney Toyloy, Joung Gustav and Patrick Scherz.

The "Who's Who" of the Swiss social media world came together at the Smile Swiss Influencer Awards award night and eagerly awaited who would emerge as the winner from the ten categories. The evening was hosted by presenter and influencer of the moment Larissa (Werner) Kiassumbua.

Performance by Kings Elliot and DJ Cruz

During the award ceremonies there was a surprise performance by Kings Elliot. Anja Gmür, a native of Schwyz and Londoner by choice, as she is called by her real name, processes her emotional pain in her songs and thus hits the nerve of the time.

After the event, more than 1,000 invited guests with a total reach of more than 50 million followers continued to party to DJ Cruz's tunes in the Kaufleuten Saal.

The winners of the Award Night

At the Award Night, the winners from a total of nine all-star categories ranging from lifestyle and beauty to food and travel were chosen, as well as a newcomer. The jury, consisting of industry experts and the evening's organizer Fabian Plüss, said in unison: "It was a neck-and-neck race. It is unbelievable how fast and qualitatively the creator scene in Switzerland is developing. The awards are an appreciation for extremely hard work and diligence."

Whitney Toyloy received an award in the Beauty category and Joung Gustav was honored in the Entertainment category. The surprise moment of the evening was the announcement of the Newcomer Award among the winners of the Partner Challenges. According to the jury, Patrick Scherz from Murten FR came out on top "with the most innovative and at the same time entertaining" content. The 23-year-old newcomer reveals how much time he already puts into creating his content each week: "I already invest between five to twelve hours a week in my videos and do everything myself from the idea to the script to the sound mixing."
In addition to the Newcomer Award, Scherz received a voucher for a "Digital Bootcamp" worth 3,000 Swiss francs to further develop his skills.
The next Smile Swiss Influencer Award will take place in November 2023.

The winners

Nathalie Sulser

Joung Gustav

David Geisser

Fabio Zerzuben

Whitney Toyloy

The Alpinists

Anna Maradan

Arina Luisa

Linda Fäh

Newcomer Award
Patrick joke

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