Effie Awards Switzerland 2022: Wirz, Sir Mary and Wunderman Thompson clean up again

The Effie Awards Switzerland 2022 are just around the corner. Werbewoche.ch reports exclusively and continuously on this year's winners. The next two Gold Effies go to the account of Wirz and Sir Mary as well as Wunderman Thompson.

A total of 88 projects were submitted for the Effie Awards Switzerland 2022, for which two jury rounds were held. First, 50 jurors selected 41 finalist projects. Then 21 jurors - each under the leadership of jury president Peter Felser - selected a total of 24 winning projects. Which projects are involved here, has Advertisingweek.ch unveiled in various stages over the past few weeks, including six bronze, twelve silver and two gold Effies.

The first two Gold Effies were won by Publicis/Notch and Webrepublic as well as Rod Kommunikation (Werbewoche.ch reported). We continue with Wirz, Sir Mary and Rod Kommunikation:

Switzerland Tourism "No Drama" (Category: Highlight)

"No Drama" has generated over 440 media articles and 800 million media contacts worldwide.

"When you need vacation without drama. You need Switzerland." Wirz and Sir Mary staged this message in an intimate conversation between Roger Federer and Robert De Niro. Federer wants De Niro to star in his promotional film for Switzerland. De Niro refuses, because Switzerland may be lovely, impressive and fantastically beautiful, but there is neither danger nor drama here. These are precisely the elements that are so central to De Niro's work.

But drama, in the face of Covid, is what society least wanted - and so a film that was never realized turned out to be a charming and self-deprecating advertisement for Switzerland. Because if you need a vacation without drama, you need Switzerland. Unless, of course, you're Robert De Niro.

  • Client: Switzerland tourism
  • Lead Agency: Wirz Group / Sir Mary
  • Other agencies / companies: Pumpkin Film / Ballad / Per Kasch / BaconX and Southern Light

HEKS "Corona Donation Campaign" (Category: Doing Good)

Increase in all relevant KPIs: The targeted ROI was exceeded to 2.6 at +33%. Donation revenue increased by 16 percent compared to the benchmark, and per capita giving increased by 40 percent.

How do you get people in Switzerland to donate to the less privileged - at a time when everyone was worried about themselves? The cross-media campaign for HEKS aims to get people to see the everyday Corona Rules from a completely new perspective and thus empathize with the problems of those affected. And it does this by integrating the familiar FOPH icons directly into the donation messages.

The extremely reduced subjects aroused empathy - and with measurable success: Although the willingness to donate in Switzerland declined during the Corona crisis, the donation level was maintained and the expected donations were even exceeded. The high donation per household of +40% compared to the expected benchmark indicates a high mobilization. The campaign effectively moved Switzerland.

  • Client: HEKS - Relief and Works Agency of the Swiss Protestant Reformed Church
  • Lead Agency: Wunderman Thompson
  • Other agencies / companies: Magic Kitchen Marketing Solutions

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