The last silver Effies are determined - second silver for Serviceplan

The Effie Awards Switzerland 2022 are just around the corner. reports exclusively and continuously on this year's winners:inside. The last four Silver Effies this year go to Wunderman Thompson, Farner, Serviceplan and Publicis.

A total of 88 projects were submitted for the Effie Awards Switzerland 2022. A total of two jury rounds were held. First, 50 jurors selected 41 finalist projects. Then 21 jurors - each under the leadership of jury president Peter Felser - selected a total of 24 winning projects. The names of these projects will be published in the unveil in various stages over the coming weeks.

On November 10, 2022, this year's winners:inside will be announced at the Award show in Zurich's Kaufleuten chosen.

So far there have been silver effies for Serviceplan, Jung von Matt Limmat, Rod and Wirz as well as for MRBP, Sir Mary, MediaCom and TLGG ( reported). The last silver goes to Wunderman Thompson, Farner, Publicis and Serviceplan. For the latter agency, this is already the second case to be awarded an Effie in 2022.

Geberit Aqua Clean "Handbutts" (Category: Highlight)

The "Handbutts" campaign achieved an increase in all relevant KPIs: +355% engagement rate, +105% view-through rate, +33.9% conversion rate, and up to an incredible +1700% in the number of interactions.

What you can achieve with a bare bottom. This Handbutts activation for Geberit AquaClean impressively shows how effective a strong and, above all, surprising visual can still be in our content-saturated world.

Seeing a naked butt in an environment where nudity is otherwise rigorously censored away is a real thumbstopper - even if the butt later turns out not to be a butt at all.

To showcase the benefits of Geberit's shower toilet - cleans your butt with water - in a quick and attention-grabbing way, Wunderman Thomposn's idea breaks the rules of social.

The Handbutt videos show how to achieve great results with a bold idea.

  • Client: Geberit International
  • Lead Agency: Wunderman Thompson Switzerland
  • Other agencies / companies: Eqal Visual Productions, Mediacom

SBB HR Marketing Back to business "With offers especially for re-entry:in PR-effectively developed a new target group"" (Category: Employer Branding & Recruiting)

The SBB "Back to Business" offers have succeeded in counteracting the shortage of skilled workers and positioning SBB as a modern employer (CHF 650,000 PR value). More than 1,200 qualified applications were received.

SBB has broken new, innovative ground and has ventured to search for talent in an area that has been neglected by other brands: re-entry:ers.

The core of the initiative was formed by five part-time re-entry programs in various areas of the company, as well as the first supervised job interview in Switzerland, where candidates can take their children with them. The ETH study on the economic benefits of re-entry has also paved the way for imitators.

The initial 77 vacancies received 1,201 qualified applications, and an above-average dwell time of 5.5 minutes was measured on the landing page.

Thanks to the positive response and the novelty of childcare at the interview, the impact of the campaign went far beyond the usual "employer branding" objectives.

  • Client: SBB
  • Lead Agency: Farner Consulting

ZCS Lions "Essence of Lions: Much more than successful customer retention" (Category: Activation)

With "The Essence of Lions", the budgeted loss in season ticket sales was cushioned and all expectations were exceeded.

With "The Essence of Lions" the hearts of the fans were melted with real passion. The ice field, charged with emotion and passion as the symbolic embodiment of the missing stadium, was defrosted and sent to the season ticket holders:inside in special vials. The message behind it: "If we can't bring the fans to the ice, we must bring the ice to the fans, because the ice of the ZSC Lions is the ice of the fans."

The fans celebrated the gift, the bond between fans, club and players was further strengthened and the budgeted minus in season ticket sales did not even materialize.

  • Client: ZSC Lions ice hockey
  • Lead Agency: Serviceplan Suisse

Migros Specialty Markets "Consulting Hero" (Category: New New)

The Migros consulting hero is Top of Mind among the Swiss population. Awareness was increased by 15 percent from 59 to 68 basis points and around 4000 video consultations were carried out per week.

In February 2021, Switzerland will be in the second Corona lockdown. Migros specialty stores will therefore also have to close off large parts of their product range. However, almost everything is still available online. But who buys a bicycle or a bed without getting advice first?

Customers of the Migros stores were able to receive live advice from employees in the stores - via advice hero, i.e. live video advice. A great service that, unfortunately, only a few people knew about for the first time. This dramatically changed Publicis' communications campaign. All the targets set were exceeded and the proof was in: video consulting works and is a strong sales channel.

  • Client: Migros Specialty Markets
  • Lead Agency: Publicis Zurich
  • Other agencies / companies: Prodigious / Pumpkin Film / Sebahat Film + Photo

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