Bronze effies for MRB and Rod - and a second for Wirz

The Effie Awards Switzerland 2022 are just around the corner. reports exclusively and continuously on this year's winners. Wirz has already won its second Bronze Effie, for the ST campaign together with Sir Mary. Rod and MRB also won bronze.

A total of 88 projects were submitted for the Effie Awards Switzerland 2022. A total of two jury rounds were held. First, 50 jurors selected 41 finalist projects. Then 21 jurors - each under the leadership of jury president Peter Felser - selected a total of 24 winning projects. The names of these projects will be published in the unveiled in various stages over the coming weeks. On November 10, 2022, this year's winners:inside will be announced at the Award show in Zurich's Kaufleuten chosen.

The first three bronze awards were awarded to Jung von Matt, Wirz and Inhalt und Form. Now follow Metzger Rottmann Bürge Partner, Rod Kommunikation - and a second Bronze Effie for Wirz:

#Women's Work "The largest female business community encourages young women" (Category: Content Marketing)

With its inspiring setup of (digital) content and real role models, #Women's Work has succeeded in building an online and offline network of over 12,500 women who continuously engage and benefit from each other.

Apart from "old-fashioned", static and expensive business clubs, professionally ambitious women in Switzerland have no common lobby, voice, exchange and inspiration platform. Even young, fun, social media-first and free of charge, #Frauenarbeit wants to change exactly that.

As an interlocking combination of digital and social media content, newsletters, online events and live networking events promotes 1TP4Women's work equality and inspires career-oriented, young women. Also by linking them closely and "live" with role models. Up to 15 annual Zoom-#Lunchdates with inspiring women role models form the core of the content work. Practical career tips and volunteer coaches activate the community on-top.

To date, #Women's Work is thus encouraging more than 12,500 Instagram followers, 3,500 newsletter subscribers, and an average of 220 Zoom lunch attendees for their professions and ambitions on a grand scale.

  • Client: 1TP4Women's work
  • Lead Agency: Rod communication

Volg "For the love of the village and its associations" (Category: Activation)

The enthusiasm for the competition is great: Around 1800 enthusiastic clubs take part. Not only sports clubs, but also the theater group Muotathal, the Riverside Pipe Band Bülach or the traffic cadets Oberaargau.

Volg is anchored in the village like no other retailer. The established campaign "For the love of the village" is looking for new angles to generate even more customer proximity. Almost half of the Swiss population is active in a club, and since clubs are as much a part of village life as Volg is with its village stores, Volg supports them with a contribution to the club coffers. Associations apply in an online competition. A large-scale and cross-media advertised online voting and a jury decide into which club's coffers the subsidy will flow. 1800 clubs take part, generate 156,000 committed votes and 50,000 sessions with an above-average length of stay.

  • Client: Volg consumer goods
  • Lead Agency: Metzger Rottmann Bürge Partner
  • Other agencies / companies: Koch Agency, The Generation Media

Switzerland Tourimus "Roger Federer as Brand Ambassador" (Category: Influencer Marketing)

Thanks to perfectly fitting brand ambassador Roger Federer, the film has "No Drama" generates media value equivalent to over 50 times that with a small media budget.

There is no one who could represent his homeland better around the world than tennis ace Roger Federer. He is a global icon and Swiss flag bearer. Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time - talent, willpower, physical and mental strength made him an internationally recognized and appreciated sportsman. But where does he get his energy from? From Swiss nature, of course.

  • Client: Switzerland tourism
  • Lead Agency: Wirz, Sir Mary
  • Other agencies / companies: Pumpkin Film, Ballad, Per Kasch, BaconX and Southern Light

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