Effie Awards Switzerland 2022: The first three bronze winners are known

Starting this week, Werbewoche.ch will report exclusively and continuously on this year's Effie winners. We will start with three bronze awards for Jung von Matt Limmat, Wirz and Inhalt und Form.

A total of 88 projects were submitted for the Effie Awards Switzerland 2022. A total of two jury rounds were held. First, 50 jurors selected 41 finalist projects. Then 21 jurors - each under the leadership of jury president Peter Felser - selected a total of 24 winning projects. The names of these projects will be published in the Advertisingweek.ch unveiled in various stages over the coming weeks. On November 10, 2022, this year's winners:inside will be announced at the Award show in Zurich's Kaufleuten chosen.

We start this week with the first bronze winners Jung von Matt Limmat, Wirz and Inhalt und Form:

Zalando "The Last Run" (Category: PR)

With an emotional PR stunt, Jung von Matt Limmat brought the online giant Zalando, known as a "fast fashion retailer," onto the front pages of Switzerland and into the social channels of its residents.


How can a PR-rich idea be developed under the brand bracket "Free to Be" that credibly positions the online retailer Zalando, known as "FastF ashion," as a destination for winter sports gear?

The leverage: borrow credibility from someone who has it in both areas and embody winter sports expertise and free spirit attitude.

Iouri Podlatchikov stands equally for winter sports and a strong "Free to Be" attitude. After his surprising retirement, the model free spirit and professional snowboarder is dedicating his last halfpipe run to Zalando. In a spectacular live event, broadcast on Youtube.com/zalando and 20min.ch, Zalando celebrates Iouri's free spirit attitude - at the same time Iouri presents his favorite winter sports outfits in a fashion campaign.

In doing so, Zalando not only struck a chord and won the hearts of the Swiss:inside, but ultimately also boosted sales of winter sports equipment.

  • Client: Zalando
  • Lead Agency: Jung von Matt Limmat

Content and form "Züribrätt" (Category: Doing Good)

The exclusively produced ladder game generated a donation of 72,296.50 Swiss francs and awareness for the nightlife industry beyond the country's borders. In addition, the game set a sign of cohesion in a difficult time.

The Corona crisis hit nightlife particularly hard. Countless establishments had to close their doors. Twice. This is a sad and challenging situation, because the reserves have long been tapped, even used up - nervously as well as economically.

That's why the agency Inhalt und Form has decided to support the Zurich Night morally, politically and financially - pro bono and without a media budget. Alone with the belief in the effectiveness of the longing for the Zurich nightlife and together with equally thinking Zurich artists, institutions and 11 notorious locations. For an industry that is usually thought of last when it comes to financial support. But it is enormously important for people's mental health and plays a major role in determining Zurich's flair.

  • Client: Content and form
  • Lead Agency: Content and form
  • Other agencies / companies: Bar & Club Commission Zurich, Vision 11 Zurich, Katrin von Niederhäusern

Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund "Support your Sport" (Category: Activation)

Migros surprised Switzerland with a novel and innovative promotion, activating a large part of the Swiss population with over 33 million redeemed club vouchers.

Amateur sports clubs in Switzerland rely on voluntary support. The Corona crisis has made this even more difficult. Migros started precisely with this support. The "Support your Sport" promotion gave amateur sports clubs the opportunity to raise money for their club's wish. The wish could be determined in advance by the clubs themselves. Customers of Migros and the specialist sports store SportXX received a club voucher for every 20 francs purchased, which could be credited to a club of their choice. At the end of the promotion, the six million CHF in the sponsorship pot were distributed proportionally among all participating clubs according to the amount of allocated vouchers. Through this promotion, Migros fulfilled around 9000 club wishes.


  • Client: Federation of Migros Cooperatives
  • Lead Agency: Wirz
  • Other agencies / companies: Mutabor, Dynamo, Stories, Rosenberger Productions

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