These are the nominees for the Master of Swiss Apps 2022

The Best of Swiss Apps jury has nominated the best projects of the year. Ten apps stood out from 195 project submissions and are competing for the master vote. Subscribers to Netzticker can vote for their favorite starting Monday.

The following ten app projects are competing for the Master of Swiss Apps 2022.

1. ARTour

To mark its 125th anniversary, Roche is giving the city of Basel an augmented reality exhibition in which users of the "ARTour" app can experience ten virtual works of art at different locations in the pharmaceutical metropolis. A nice, clean design with a successful combination of content and technology, the jury finds. The app convinces with its fresh, well-made interface and the clear call-to-actions, which lead the user on a journey of discovery through Basel.

  • Client: Basel Tourism
  • Agency: Staay

2. chicory

Chicory shows how a playful app can be used to generate more foot traffic on the store floor. The innovative touchpoint features a bonus program, daily chances to win, coupons, and exclusive online shopping events, among other things, and thus generates attention and high user engagement.

  • Client: Chicorée Mode AG
  • Agency: Edge5 | Allink

3. eTrain

The smartgovernment solution "eZug" combines a wide range of citizen services in a single app. Official documents such as extracts from the debt collection register, residence confirmations and parking permits can thus be ordered and paid for conveniently via app thanks to integrated authentication. Many tedious trips to the office are finally digitized - a clever solution that will hopefully inspire other cantons.

  • Client: City of Zug
  • Agency: Provicis

4th Grand Tour of Switzerland

The "Grand Tour of Switzerland" app takes the Switzerland Tourism product of the same name to a new level. It's child's play to create a road trip through the whole of Switzerland. The entire user journey is covered, from inspiration to planning to experience. The Grand Tour app presents itself in a uniform and attractive look with generous images, informatively designed screens and loving details.

  • Client: Switzerland Tourism
  • Agency: JLS Digital | BlockV

5. Kunsthaus Zürich Visitorguide

The Visitorguide is a successful web app that is very solidly implemented and can be used intuitively despite the bold navigation concept. The user learns at the same time where he is, which works are in the vicinity and how he can be navigated to the desired exhibition. The UI is modern, reduced, and thus fits the look of the Kunsthaus Zürich brand perfectly.

  • Client: Kunsthaus Zurich
  • Agency: Dreipol

6. pando

With the Pando app, Swiss Life is opening up new paths in ecological portfolio management. The app impresses with its self-explanatory user guidance and clear user experience. The consistent and simple entry into the green investment market is ecologically welcome and sets new standards in the already diverse provider field of pillar 3a apps.

  • Client: Swiss Life
  • Agency: Swipe Studio - Part of Accenture Song | Panter

7. rivella bottle hunting

With the "Fläschli Jagd" (bottle hunt), Rivella realized a sort of Swiss version of Pokémon GO, except that instead of mythical creatures, virtual PET bottles had to be collected. And thanks to originally implemented gamification, a wide range of weekly and instant prizes, sharing features, and the targeted use of push notifications, the users were extremely committed - almost 2.6 million bottles were collected and turned the original idea into a successful campaign.

  • Client: Rivella
  • Agency: Staay

8. sanitas portal

The Sanitas app convinces with a reduced, yet very appealing design and a comprehensive range of digital services - be it for illness, accidents, administrative matters, but also for prevention. The ability to pay bills directly within the app is outstanding. Despite a large range of functions, the app feels simple for the user, as the desired function can be executed quickly and in a self-explanatory manner in various ways.

  • Client: Sanitas Health Insurance
  • Agency: JLS Digital

9. SBB Mobile

The revised SBB mobile app impresses with its well thought-out navigation, which makes it easy and quick to access the numerous functions. New, innovative functions such as automatic train recognition via beacons, the sharing of positions on the train or disruption reports for the personal commuter route know how to surprise and please. Lovely icons as well as coherent animations make SBB Mobile a Swiss app classic.

  • Client: SBB
  • Agency: Ubique Innovation

10. teena

Puberty is here and with it the first period for girls - and at the same time a time of uncertainty and unwanted surprises for many. With the Teena app and the matching Bluetooth thermometer, young women get to know their bodies and their cycles in a playful and intelligent way. The daily measurements are analyzed and precisely evaluated, the fresh and unconventional design fits. This makes Teena an all-around success - functionally, visually, and in terms of content - and with charm and class to boot.

  • Client: VE Valley Electronics
  • Agency: Milk Interactive

Votes from the community count

The votes from the Best of Swiss Apps community count. The final score is determined in equal parts by the votes of the jury, the readers of Netzticker and the audience at the award night in Zurich's Aura on November 2.

Subscriber:inside of the Net Tickers, the newsletter of Netzwoche, can vote for their favorite for one week starting Monday. All those who have registered by October 2, 2022 have registered.

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