Sika wins Swiss Annual Report Rating 2022

The overall winner of the Swiss Annual Report Rating is Sika, followed by Holcim and Valora. A total of 238 companies were evaluated by four juries. The special "Text" prize was also awarded for the third time, this year to Phoenix Mecano.

Good mood at the award ceremony: Philipp Meier, Apostroph Group; Simon Brand, PwC; Jürg Trösch, Linkgroup; Janine Hurschler, Antalis; Hans-Peter Nehmer, President HarbourClub; Dominik Slappnig, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Sika; Jonathan Tin, Head of Corporate Reporting, Holcim; Christina Wahlstrand, Head Corporate Communications, Valora (l.t.r.). (Image: zVg.)

The winners were able to receive their certificates from jury president Hans-Peter Nehmer on Thursday evening in Zurich. For the first time, the overall winner was also presented with a newly created trophy. Around 200 participants took part in the event.

The Swiss Annual Report Rating is conducted annually by HarbourClub. The annual reports of all listed companies represented in the SPI are included. The list is completed with the companies of the 50 companies with the highest turnover, the 15 insurance companies with the highest premium volume and the 25 banks with the highest balance sheet total and comprises 238 companies in 2022.

Winner from nowhere

In the last ten years, this year's winner Sika, with one exception in 2014, has never made it among the twelve best annual reports that the final jury had to review. However, the analysis of the results in the two categories Value Reporting and Design clearly shows it. Sika has improved its ranking in Value Reporting by 20 ranks and takes first place in this category with its 2021 report. The rank improvement is even more evident in the Design category. Here, Sika was able to gain more than 50 places compared to the previous year.

"At Sika, as with many of the best annual reports, sustainability reporting has become key content in corporate publishing," said Hans-Peter Nehmer, president of HarbourClub. "Our final jury recognized striking improvements here in the annual reports of the 2022 vintage. More and more companies are making the leap to a new communication approach - from abstract, defensive "justification communication" to credible, holistic and thus effective sustainability reporting."

Overall winner Annual reports of the final jury

Place 1: Sika

Rank 2: Holcim

3rd place: Valora

Category Design (Online and Print)

Place 1: Hiag

Place 2: Zur Rose

3rd place: Swissquote

Category Value Reporting (Online and Print)

Place 1: Sika

Rank 2: VP Bank

3rd place: UBS

Rising star of the year

Design: Phoenix Mecano

Value Reporting: Medartis

Category text

Phoenix Mecano

All detailed results as well as the PDFs of the evaluated reports including the previous years and a special publication on the 2021 annual reports are available on the platform to find.

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