The Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne is GaultMillau's "Hotel of the Year 2023

GaultMillau Switzerland names the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne "Hotel of the Year" together with Carl F. Bucherer. This is the second time after 2007 that the 161-year-old Palace Hotel has received this award.

GaultMillau Editor-in-Chief Urs Heller says: "The Beau-Rivage Palace with its four-hectare park on the lake has always been a magical address. But now the resort has reached another milestone in its 161-year illustrious history: The historic Beau-Rivage wing has been fantastically transformed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, reflecting the luxury and generosity of the house. And: In Ouchy also the gourmets are spoiled. No less than five restaurants with a total of 72 points are listed by GaultMillau."

A tribute to Nathalie Seiler-Hayez

The large and magnificent resort belongs to the "Sandoz Foundation" and has been managed by Nathalie Seiler-Hayez for seven years. A world-class general manager, she has successfully managed the "Lutétia" in Paris, the "Grand Hotel de Bordeaux" and, above all, the famous "Sandoz".

"Connaught" in London before taking over the "Beau-Rivage Palace" in Lausanne. An eighth year will not be added: Nathalie Seiler-Hayez will hand over the hotel to her previous deputy Benjamin Chemoul on December 31. GaultMillau Editor-in-Chief Urs Heller: "The "Hotel of the Year" award is also a tribute to the boss: Nathalie has led the resort with heart, style, charm and the highest degree of professionalism. She has gently changed the DNA of the hotel: The Beau-Rivage is not only a business hotel, but also a first-class leisure address, thanks to its generous spa and wide range of restaurants."

Madame Pic's love for Lausanne

Culinary epicenter in the huge house: The "Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic". Madame Pic is France's first and only three-star chef, has already been voted "Best Female Chef," and runs restaurants all over the world from her famous headquarters in Valence. Her love for the "Beau-Rivage Palace" in Lausanne is particularly strong. She has been cooking here since 2009, and she does the "full program"; in other cities, she appears with a simpler concept ("La Dame de Pic"). Madame Anne-Sophie is not always in the huge kitchen in the "belly" of the hotel, accessible by escalators, but she always sends top chefs to Switzerland. Right now, Kévin Vaubourg is cooking, for 18 points and two stars. On the menu, a dish that's a touching tribute to her famous father Jacques: sea bass from the Ile d'Yeu, with 30 grams of caviar. Executive chef is the well-traveled Frenchman Thierry Buffeteau.

Spoilt for choice: "Café Beau Rivage", "L'Accademia", "Miyako", "57°".

It doesn't always have to be pic & caviar: At the "Café Beau-Rivage," for example, classic brasserie cuisine is the order of the day. "Tout Lausanne" frequents this place, because the "Café" with its spacious terrace is not "only" a hotel restaurant, but also a meeting place for the locals. Right next door, the "Miyako" serves sushi, sashimi and much more from Japan (13 points). Italian cuisine is the order of the day at "L'Accademia" in the nearby Hotel Angleterre, which also belongs to the Fondation Sandoz. "The best Italian in town," praise the GaultMillau testers (14 points). The "57°" in the likewise fantastically located Château d'Ouchy is a first-class grill restaurant (13 points).

Magic "Beau-Rivage" wing

The most beautiful rooms in the resort are located in the "Beau-Rivage" wing. The historic building was completely remodeled over years of work. The Parisian star architect Pierre-Yves Rochon designed the 63 rooms and seven suites, which are arranged around an impressive inner courtyard, with great respect and his sense of color. Each room is individually designed. Rates start at CHF 600. The grandiose Impérial, Royal, and Malmaison suites cost 15,000 CHF per night. The virtuoso new spa is also impressive: "Spa Cinq Mondes" on 1'500m2, modern gym with lake view, yoga and meditation studio, two large pools, indoor and outdoor in the fantastic park.

Carl F. Bucherer watch for the boss

GaultMillau and Carl F. Bucherer celebrated the grandiose resort and its 380 employees with a party in the park. The resort's chefs set up their food stations and spoiled the guests, among them many previous award winners. Title sponsor Carl F. Bucherer did not travel to Lausanne empty-handed. In his luggage was a large watch for the hotel and an exclusive watch for General Manager Nathalie Seiler-Hayez. Engraving on the timepiece: "Hotel of the Year 2023.

From left to right: Raphaël Breton - Executive Sous-chef, Thierry Buffeteau - Executive chef, Nathalie Seiler-Hayez, Urs Heller.

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