Swiss Print Award 2022 - these are the winners

For the 10th time, the winners of this year's Swiss Print Award were honored on September 8, 2022. Once again, numerous works were submitted, 22 of which were nominated, 9 of which received the Swiss Print Award.

Werbewoche m&k co-editor-in-chief Anna Kohler was present for the second time as moderator and jury member. Once again, the submitted works impressed with their high standard, the organizers announced. The nine Swiss Print Award winners in the categories Books, Printed Matters, Publications and the Peter Grob Special Prize, which resulted from numerous submissions, impress with their successful interplay between idea, implementation (technology) and artistic-creative impression:

These are this year's award winners

Books category

Gold: "Où allons nous", Druckerei Odermatt AG

Product: Daniel Infanger from Basel has created a special photo book around a summer concert by Stephan Eicher. Target group: Photo and art lovers, sympathizers of Stephan Eicher. Production partner: Stephan Eicher, Daniel Infanger (idea/concept), Design: Sarah Infanger. Printing: Druckerei Odermatt AG, Dallenwil; Finishing: Bubu AG, Mönchaltorf. Edition/period of use: 700 Expl., as of summer 2021. Production engineering: Triplex process 3-color, black/black/silver. Thread stitching with passe-partout and sign. Paper: Cover leash Princess, content Lessebo 1.3 Rough Ivory. Special features: Photo project realized with 30 glass plates, based on "Wetplate Collodion", a technique from 1860. Photographed with a camera from that time. Support material: black glass plates (with volcanic earth); images on glass plate: silver.


Silver: "Elisabeth Kübler, Life of a Nonconformist", Engelberger Druck AG

Product: Book about Elisabeth Kübler, Swiss stage actress and gallery owner. The publication includes texts by various authors and recordings of conversations with Elisabeth Kübler, illustrated with photographs and documents. Target group: Those interested in the fine arts. Production partner: Susanne Koeberle, Elisabeth Kübler; Design: Studio Krispin Heé; Repros: Jan Kesswetter; Printing: Engelberger Druck AG; Finishing: Buchbinderei Grollimund. Edition/ period of use: 800 copies, unlimited in time. Production engineering: Offset printing, thread stitching, cover Surbalin moiré diamond white; content Z-Offset Natural, endpapers Surbalin moiré diamond white. Special features: multi-page endpapers/supplements.

Bronze: "Fire Brigade Victoria", Läderach AG Printing Company 

Product: Book topic "Interim uses are booming". They are seen as a way away from illegally occupied houses to approved creative chaos. The Viktoria Fire Department plays a special role in this. On 232 pages, the book describes the conversion of the fire department barracks of the cooperative fire department Viktoria. Target group: Intermediate users of the fire department, neighborhood residents, Bern public. Production partner: Concept/idea Rea Wittwer, Sarah Forrer, Tim Engel. Annette Boutellier, photography; Leo Matkoviv, illustrations; printing: Druckerei Läderch, AG, Bern; finishing: Bubu Mönchaltorf. Edition/period of use: 1630 copies, since the book launch in early December 2021. Production engineering: Offset printing; booklet in thread-stitching with open spine; paper: cover 290 g/m2 Nutmeg; content 100 g/m2 Munken Lynx Rough. Special features: Spine line formed from the printed spines of the folded sheets.

Category Printed Matters

Gold: No award

Silver: "Selezione Grazie", DT Druck-Team AG

Product: Book project with packaging, gift. Target group: Customers and suppliers. Production partner: Idea: Charles Blunier; Photography: Oliver Nanzig; Printing: DT Druck-Team AG; Finishing: Renfer Buchbinderei AG; Finishing: DT Druck Team AG. Edition/period of use: 1000 expl., December 2021. Production Engineering/Materials: Offset printing; binding techniques: Hardcover, thread stitching with recessed plate. Paper Kaskad deep black, Lessebo, material line no. 0101/817 gray-brown. Special features: Foil embossing on line, recessed sign, customized packaging.

Bronze: "125 Years of Trüb for Green AG", Druckerei Odermatt AG

Product: Anniversary and image booklet in knot stitching with 15-piece leporello cover and relief hot foil stamping. Target group: Customers. Production partner: Idea/ Concept: Alex Trüb. Printing: Druckerei Odermatt, Dallenwil; Finishing: Bubu Mönchaltorf; Finishing: Packwerg AG, Hausen am Albis. Edition/period of use: 600 expl., as of fall 2021. Production Engineering/ Materials: Offset printing, cover Genesis, content Bavaria. Special features: 15-piece leporella envelope and relief hot foil stamping.

Category Publications

Gold: "Pure Vegi Pleasure All Around", Druckcenter am Rigi AG

Product: Grill recipe book (cookbook), vegetarian. Target group: Fire ring user in vegetarian grilling. Production partner: Idea/concept: Beate Hoyer and Andreas Reichlin, Feuerring GmbH; design: Feuerring GmbH and Büro Nord GmbH; photography: Sylvan Müller; reproduction/lithography: Georg Sidler; printing: Druckcenter am Rigi AG; finishing: Bubu, Mönchaltorf; finishing: Lorenz Bögli (cover screen printed). Edition/period of use: 5000 Expl. German; 2500 Expl. English; as of December 15, 2021. Production engineering: Cover screen printed, contents offset printed. Binding techniques: stiff brochure thread stitching, stitching thread visible. Materials/Paper: Cover Alpha Black Core, 2 mm, content Lessebo Smooth Natural 120 g/m2. Special features: Recipes and photographs that inspire.

Silver: "Young Graphics", Engelberger Druck AG

Product: "Young Graphics" recognizes innovative, diverse and unusual graphic works created during education and training. Target group: no data. Production partner: Idea/concept, design, photography, reproduction: alles Junge Grafik. Printing: Engelberger DruckAG. Edition/ period of use: 600 copies, fall 2021/spring 2022. Production engineering: Offset printing, 80 and 100 screens. Binding technique: open thread stitching with endpapers. Materials/Paper: Envelopes: Micro FSC creative paper, wood-free, embossed on one side, 300 g/m2, endpapers Werkdruck 2.00, offset extramatt and rough, slightly woody, 80 g/m2, Transphère, offset, blue woodfree, semitransparent, 57 g/m2, Touch white 1.1 FSC, matt coated, super white, woodfree, 115 g/m2. Special features: Envelope integrated into the contents, various papers, laser punching.

Bronze: "Annual Report 2020", Engelberger Druck AG

Product: Presentation of the annual report in an artistic and creative way. Target group: shareholders and the public. Production partner: Idea/concept: Ed Atkins, Copenhagen; design and illustration: Zuni Halpern; reproduction: Ringier AG; printing: Engelberger Druck AG; finishing Buchbinderei Grollimund. Edition/period of use: 2350 Expl, E/D; Spring 2021. Production engineering: Offset printing, hot melt binding.

Materials/Paper: Cover coated on both sides semi-matt, woodfree white 135 g/m2. Book content: Lessebo 1.3 Rough Bright, 200 g/m2; Book endpapers: Lessebo 1.3 Rough Bright, 150 g/m2; Cover brochure: Lessebo 1.3 Rough Brigt, 150 g/m2; Contents brochure: Lessebo 1.3 Rough Bright 80 g/m2. Special features: Ringier Annual Report integrated in the book.


Peter Grob Prize

"Color Through Soul," Screen Printing Studio, Lorenz Bögli.

Product: A multimedia work that truly intertwines print and online. Target group: Professional public, customers, interested parties. Production partner: Idea/Concept Agency carpet. Design: Dani Rolli; Photography: Rob Lewis; Print: Lorenz Bögli. Edition/period of use: 450 copies; as of May 2022. Production engineering: Silkscreen. Materials/Paper: Algro Design 220 g/m", Fischer paper. Special features: The color - outside the printable spectrum! Lorenz Bögli: "Our new website is described with five different themes of my work as printed posters and accompanied by film when printed."



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