Doris Knecht wins the columnist's prize

Doris Knecht, who was born in Vorarlberg, will be awarded the Kolumination prize for her columns. The award ceremony will take place at the third Kolumination on October 28 and 29, 2022, on Säntis. 

Doris Knecht

Author and journalist Doris Knecht has published numerous volumes of columns and novels. Her texts deal with everyday life, life among children and teenagers, she gives instructions on how to lead a double life and how to live a bouncy existence in the (spit)civil society. Since 2000, she has been writing a weekly, never-interrupted column that appears in the Daily displayr began and was transferred to the Vienna Butterfly moved. From 2006 to 2017, Doris Knecht also wrote columns for the CourierThe first years even daily. Knecht's columns continue to appear in the Standard, in the Vorarlberg News or in the lifestyle magazine Skylines. Doris Knecht has long been a successful novelist as well. She has penned "Gruber geht," "Besser," "Wald," "Alles über Beziehungen" and "weg. Her novel "Die Nachricht" was published a year ago by Hanser Verlag Berlin. "Gruber geht" was nominated for the German Book Prize and made into a film. In 2018, she received the Vienna Business Book Prize.

Her activities throughout the German-speaking world predestined Doris Knecht, who lives in Vienna, to be a prize winner at the Three Countries Meeting of Columnists on the Säntis. She once also wrote for the NZZ, was a journalist at the Zurich Daily Gazette and lived in Zurich for two years. After the Swiss Beat Kappeler and the German Axel Hacke, Doris Knecht, an Austrian columnist, now wins the Kolumination Prize. Axel Hacke will give the laudatory speech on the evening of October 28.

Summit of columns and slam

In addition to the award winner, six top-flight columnists and three slammers will, as usual, present punchlines, jokes and profound lines of thought at the third column. This time Claudia Wirz and Ludwig Hasler from Switzerland, Christian Seiler and Rainer Nikowitz from Austria and Ursula Weidenfeld and Tillmann Prüfer from Germany will be taking part. The genre of slam is represented from the three countries by Remo Rickenbacher, Adina Wilcke and Alex Simm. The unique festival of words lasts from Friday noon to Saturday noon on October 28/29 and this time the theme is "Chance".

The 3rd Kolumination on the Säntis will take place on Friday/Saturday, 28/29 October 2022. Tickets from Fr. 105.00. More on



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