Cannes 2022: Honesty, Purpose and above all Warmth

True values count. In Cannes, it became clear: Whereas in the past, originality, individuality, exalted creativity and attention at any price - or simply the sensational effect - counted in the advertising industry, today genuine commitment, concern for the environment, peace, loyalty and an inclusive coexistence are in the foreground. This was evident again in Cannes today. Anna Kohler's daily report.


I leave my accommodation at 9:30 and make my way to the port of Cannes, directly behind the Palais de Festival. Yachts are anchored there, including those of PwC, which is giving a presentation today at 10 a.m. on "The Future of Loyalty.

On the way it starts to rain like crazy, my umbrella is safe and dry in my room, well wonderful! Until I arrive on the boat, I am completely soaked. But it's the same for everyone, so the atmosphere is relaxed from the beginning and somehow very private.

An hour is spent talking about the future of customer loyalty programs. PwC presents a study they did on this topic. The results show that customer behavior has changed as a result of the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Companies should recognize this and review their customer loyalty programs and adapt them accordingly.

25 percent of customers want to try new brands. They expect honesty, a purpose and, above all, warmth from their heart's brand. The survey made it very clear: If customers feel well treated and valued, they will forgive a lot during their customer journey. However, the company must make an effort to act truly honestly. Otherwise, customers will be gone. This really is a realization: customers are demanding, loyal, but still willing to leave if they don't feel valued. After the presentation, I speak with the CMO and CCO of PwC Switzerland, Jan-Hendrik Völker-Albert, before heading out through the rain to my next event.

Anna Kohler, Co-Editor-in-Chief m&k and Jan-Hendrik Völker-Albert, CMO and CCO of PwC Switzerland

The sky has completely darkened and it's pouring with rain. I reach Rado Beach, where Switzerland's film and advertising industry is gathering from 12 noon to exchange ideas and network. Swissfilm Association has invited people, I meet the president of the board Levente Paal and board member Rudi Haller.

Levente Paal, President of the Board Swissfilm Association, Anna Kohler and Rudi Haller, Soha Film and Board Member Swissfilm Association.

The event is reduced to a lunch; in the past, such a Swissfilm party sometimes lasted well into the night. There is a good reason, which Levente Paal explains in a short welcoming speech. In these times, it was considered appropriate to invest money prudently, which is why Swissfim donated a part of it, 10,000 Swiss francs to be precise, to Ukraine. A step that is rewarded with applause.

The 45 guests are sitting under umbrellas that are supposed to keep out the sun - now they protect them from the floods that are pouring over Cannes. Nevertheless, everything, absolutely everything, is wet: the tablecloths, the napkins, the people, the waiters and waitresses, the food, simply everything! It doesn't dampen the mood, we move closer together. When suddenly the sun appears for a moment, there is thunderous applause.

Of course, the Young Creatives are also there, ADC has organized money for eight young ADC Award winners to travel to Cannes Lions. An experience they will not forget.

From left: Cedric Fuchs, Jung von Matt Limmat, Katharina Binder, TBWA\, Alina Biedermann, TBWA, Nicole Jara Vizcardo, Jung von Matt Limmat, Dominik Locher, Freelancer, Yves Marty and Gianluca Trezzini, Marty and Trezzini and Maximilian Wiemann, Freelancer.

I asked the 8 young creatives for their impressions. Here what they told me:

At 3 p.m., the creatives set off again, probably first in the direction of the hotel to change.

Sophie Toth and Leonardo Sanfilippo of Shining Pictures.
Martin Baba, Serviceplan Switzerland, Nadia Rosasco, Rosas&Co and Rudi Haller, SOHA Film.
Mark Burow of Merkle Switzerland, Ilonka Galliard, Co-Founder of Mygosh; Jan Fincke and Vincent Teager of CZAR Film.

I go, it has actually stopped raining in the meantime, to the Palais in the press center to arrange the pictures, to write my article and to dry myself.

In the evening I watch the award show in the auditorium.

Two highlights:

Malala Yousafzai, child rights activist, wins Cannes Lions Heart Award.

Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix is honored as "Person of the Year for Entertainment."

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