The Cannes Diary: Party atmosphere - even without Lions for Switzerland

Ruf Lanz made it onto the shortlist three times - but there were no lions. Nevertheless, Werbewoche m&k Co-Editor-in-Chief Anna Kohler met good-humored Swiss people in Cannes - here is her report from Cannes.


In my position as Co-Editor-in-Chief of, it is important for me to travel to Cannes Lions after not being able to do so for the last two years. I will be arriving on Tuesday and will be staying on the Croisette.

At 17.30 I meet Tanya King, she is the first Swiss woman to anchor and host the day's keynotes on the main stage at the Palais de Festival. She has been working in front of the camera for almost 20 years, but moderating live in front of so many people is another dimension, she tells me. We sit comfortably on the terrace of the Palais and look out to sea. I'm looking forward to seeing her in action, on Wednesday I will be able to, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds will speak on the topic The Future of Storytelling. Tanya will be hosting him.

In the evening I meet the crew of TBWA for dinner, we eat at the iconic "Astoux et Brun" .

I am late and run the entire Croisette to the Palais. At one minute to 10 I arrive at the auditorium and have to take a seat at the very top at a dizzying height. Tanya comes on stage and moderates completely relaxed and highly professional.

Then the keynote from Ryan Reynolds. Very impressive how he talks about marketing. As co-founder of Maximum Effort and Chief Creative Officer of MNTN, that's how he got, and I quote, into the marketing business. He talks about how he really just wanted to promote his film four years ago and suddenly he was in the middle of the marketing machine and realized how he could make a huge difference in promoting the film with storytelling.

Ryan Reynolds speaks on the Cannes Lions stage.

Here are the main points of Ryan Reynolds:

  • Culture changes quickly
  • Speed is important
  • It must always be about the product
  • Nothing will ever be perfect
  • Imperfect is the new perfect
  • The biggest enemy of creativity is perfection and money
  • Tiktok is great at storytelling
  • Don't be afraid to be bad at something
  • We have been exclusive for too long, we need more inclusivity

Lunch at Weischer BBQ

Mathilda Tomaszewicz (left) and Marieke Alleleijn from Mediacom Switzerland were chosen by Weischer.Cinema Switzerland to participate in the competition as Young Lions. Although they didn't win an award, the two are richer in experience.
The creative people from Switzerland meet for lunch. The weather doesn't really cooperate, the umbrellas don't keep out the sun but the rain, the mood is good, Christof Kaufmann, CEO Weischer. Cinema Switzerland gives a short speech, quoting George Bernhard Shaw saying: "We need some crazy people, look where the normal ones have brought us."
Christof Kaufmann, CEO Weischer

Juliane Merz, Director of Sales at Weischer.Cinema Switzerland together with Eveline Kneubuehl, Director of Operations at Weischer. Cinema Switzerland, organized the event. They are satisfied, about 50 guests showed up. After the two-year break, both are happy to be able to host Switzerland again.

Eveline Kneubuehl, Weischer.Cinema Switzerland and Juliane Merz, Director of Sales Weischer.Cinema Switzerland.

Matthias Kiess and Manuel Wenzel from TBWA Switzerland are disappointed that they didn't make it onto the shortlist with the Porsche Taycan - Tesla Targeting campaign. The two gave me a short video interview about their Canens impressions so far:

In conversation with Markus Ruf from Ruf Lanz, I learn how difficult it is to even make it onto the shortlist. Ruf Lanz managed this with the poster campaign for Welti Furrer Fine Art Transport. Having been on the jury himself in 2011, he knows that it's brilliant to even make it through the eye of the needle to the shortlist. He is proud of the performance of his team. He is also the only Swiss representative with an award at Cannes Lions so far. (As of 5 p.m. Wednesday).

Catherine Martin and Markus Ruf, both from Ruf Lanz

That's it for today - on Friday I'll tell you more about the Swissfilm event here - and how the Young Creatives experience Cannes Lions.

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