Ruf Lanz may hope for Cannes Lions: With campaign for Welti-Furrer on shortlist

On Monday, June 20, 2022, the Cannes Lions Festival will start. For one week, the world's best creatives will meet at the Croisette. What is already known: Ruf Lanz is on the shortlist in the category "Outdoor" with three subjects of their campaigns for Welti-Furrer Fine Art Transport.

Ruf Lanz dürfen auf Cannes-Löwen hoffen: Mit Kampagne für Welti-Furrer auf ShortlistThe three subjects "Impressionism", "Realism" and "Pop Art" of the campaign "When art has to move" were put on the shortlist of the category "Outdoor" published the day before the festival. With the same campaign, which promotes the services of Welti-Furrer Fine Art, Danielle Lanz and Markus Ruf have already won gold at the ADC Awards.

In addition, it has already received an award at the "Poster Of The Year" as well as three merits at "The One Show".

The campaign, which draws on well-known paintings from various eras, celebrates the "artistic emptiness" that arises from the work of the transport specialists at Welti Furrer Fine Art Transport.

The shortlists for "Health & Wellness", "Print & Publishing", "Radio & Audio", "Pharma", "Innovation" and "Glass", which were also published on Sunday before the opening of the festival, do not mention any other Swiss works.

But we can continue to hope: The shortlists for the "Craft" category will be published on Monday, and it will also be possible to find out where Ruf Lanz's campaign will definitely be placed.

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