ADC Creative Days 2022 last a full four days and nights

After two years of absence due to the pandemic, ADC Switzerland is finally holding the Creative Days again this year. In cooperation with Accenture Song, creativity and everything that goes with it will be celebrated for four days and nights.

From June 15 to 18, 2022, top-class national and international speakers will be speaking at Villa Doldertal and inviting guests to attend workshops, installations, readings, dinner talks and many other experiences. Among them: CGI world market leaders Mackevision, Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist, Leadership Expert Marie Reig Florensa, Creative Strategist Tom Hidvegi, Chief Creative Officer Fabian Frese from Kolle Rebbe as well as Lhaga Koondhor, one of the most important female creative minds in the Swiss nightlife scene. The motto of Creative Days 2022: "Straight out of Homeoffice." Over the four days of the Creative Days, visitors can look forward to numerous workshops, presentations and, above all, finally the chance to exchange ideas with other creatives.

The week kicks off on Wednesday, June 15 with the ADC Goldjurierung of the best creative works from the country and an afterwork get-together in the evening: drinks, something to eat and music - including a talk by Tom Hidvegi, formerly Creative Strategy Senior Director at Coca-Cola.

On Thursday, June 16, a two-day masterclass on "Future thinking in strategy and how it can enrich it" will be launched by the Account Planning Group Switzerland in cooperation with Hyper Island. Diana Arellano and Steffen Bärenfänger from CGI world market leader Mackevision want to take visitors into the virtual world of the Metaverse and show them its creative possibilities. UX expert Dan Nessler will talk about the benefits of skillful storytelling. Louise Cranley and Max Steiger from Accenture Song will address the invisible prejudices that exist in our world and show what we can do about them. The workshop #iamremarkable with Stéphanie Joly and Lucienne Fricker will also be future-oriented, focusing on the question of how not to get in your own way with your own modesty and how to properly enjoy your own successes.

Humanitarian and communications professional Marie Reig Florensa will focus on human values, and the positive influence of empathy in leadership - first in a talk on Thursday and a subsequent workshop on Friday, June 17.

Thursday closes with Lhaga Koondhor, one of the most important female creative minds in the Swiss nightlife scene, presenting an installation titled "Office Dog out of Office" before the Afterwork Get-together in cooperation with Swissfilm Association at the end of the day.

With "the power of fear and boredom" Fabian Frese, Creative Officer of Kolle Rebbe, opens the stage on Friday, June 17. Afterwards, writer Julia Weber will list from her new book "Die Vermengung" (The Blending), posing the question of whether good mothers can also be successful at work and how their role between art and family can be reconciled in today's society. With "Tokenized Experiences" Lorenz Vierecke, Executive Director at Accenture Song and Studiolead SWIPE, shows how the Web3 can be designed and what this means for successful product innovation.

Art, creativity and virtual reality

When does one start to feel grown up and whether anyone really wants to grow up at all are questions that the psychotherapist, award-winning journalist (The Times, The Guardian) and author Moya Sarner in her talk "When we grow up" and shows how to make the most of it.

In the evening, ADC invites you not only to the traditional partner dinner, but also once again to food, drinks and music and the dinner talk with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director of the Serpentine Gallery, about the healing power of art and creativity. On all four days, various rooms will also provide extraordinary experiences: Mackevision will bring CGI to life in a virtual reality room. In the Swissfilm Association showreel, various Swiss film production companies will present the best of the best from their own pens. And up-and-coming creative talent will be showcased in the Young ADC room "The Bright Future".

The grand finale of Creative Days 2022 will be the ADC Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 18, where the bronze, silver and gold awards will be selected from the more than 400 works submitted in the 19 categories of the ADC Awards. Doors open at 4 p.m.

One pass for four days and nights

Access to all talks, workshops (excluding the APGS Masterclass), rooms and afterwork get-togethers is provided by the Creative Days Week Pass, available online for CHF 150 and valid throughout the week (June 15-18, 2022). "It's meant to be a coming and going experience over the four days and evenings. Throughout the day, anyone and everyone can be inspired. Or just come, drink and share with people. This is also a form of celebrating creativity." is how ADC member and Creative Days co-organizer Raul Serrat sums it up.

Weekly passes and program on

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