These are the winners of the Swiss Packaging Award 2022

On Thursday evening, nine packaging solutions were honored with the Swiss Packaging Award 2022 at the Alte Druckerei in Baden. The evening was moderated by Monika Erb together with jury president Stefan Jüde.

A total of 50 packaging solutions were submitted by 26 different participants. These included six entries for the Young Talent Award, in which schoolchildren and students can present their packaging ideas. The Special Award for the Circular Economy, which was offered for the second time, received 15 entries. The sustainability category was particularly well represented with 20 entries, reflecting the demands of the times: packaging companies must develop recyclable and reusable packaging - especially in the plastics sector. The large number of submissions shows that the Swiss packaging industry is tackling these challenges with innovative solutions.

Andreas Zopfi, Managing Director of the Swiss Packaging Institute SVI, referred to the high innovative strength of the Swiss packaging industry. Thus, in January 2021, six packagings from Switzerland were awarded a World Star. The winners of the Swiss Packaging Award automatically qualify for participation in the World Star Award of the World Packaging Organization.

With the Swiss Packaging Award, the SVI honors outstanding achievements in packaging every year. The aim of the competition is to showcase the creativity and innovative strength of the Swiss packaging industry. Companies can submit their packaging solutions in the categories of sustainability, convenience, design, marketing, technology and construction. Up to three packaging solutions are nominated per category, one of which is chosen as the winner.

Packaging of all materials is eligible for the competition. The focus is on promoting and awarding holistic packaging solutions, regardless of the packaging material. For the second time this year, the special prize for circular economy was awarded. The audience award presented by the EMPACK packaging trade fair went to the Proderma company with its innovative "Mettler Buffer Solution Sticks" packaging solution.

Swiss Packaging Award The winners 2022
Category Company Product
Sustainability Mondi RetortPouch Recyclable for sterilized ready meals
Convenience AR Packaging Swiss LockCon - Fraud-proof packaging solution
Design Schelling Läderach chocolate packaging
Marketing Bachmann Forming Paper portion packaging
Technology Schelling Lasercut packaging concept
Construction Bachmann Forming Paper Tray
Young Talent Award Sami Hergouma Hexa Slide
Special prize district economy ReCircle reCircle ISY reusable cup
EMPACK Audience Award Proderma Mettler Buffer Solution Sticks

Source: Swiss Packaging Institute

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