By women for women: Empowering Women Awards

An award for women who advance other women: The Empowering Women Award will be presented for the first time this year. This will take place during the League of Leading Ladies Conference, which will be held on June 16 and 17 at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

"There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." This quote comes from the recently deceased Madeleine K. Albright, the first female Secretary of State of the United States from 1997 to 2001.

Now their commitment is being lived on, their spiritual legacy filled with life, contemporary in the sense of "There is a special place, a Hall of Fame, for women who support other women". And that place is the League of Leading Ladies Conference, at which the Empowering Women Award will be presented for the first time on June 16-17 at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

Women who stand up for other women

The jury consists of three women who have been advocates for other women for years. Namely, these are Katia Murmann, CPO Ringier Global Media & Blick Group, who with the Equal Voice Initiative is committed to making women equally visible in reporting (EqualVoice-Factor), as well as Charlotte Parnack, the Head of the Business Department at DIE ZEIT, and Sandra-Stella Triebl, Founder Swiss Ladies Drive and President of the global women's network The League of Leading Ladies. The award initiator has been publishing the highest-circulation women's business title in the German-speaking region since 2007 and has portrayed and networked outstanding women, who often quietly achieve great things, in hundreds of interviews.

"I think it's time to award not those people who are better than others, smarter, more successful, more beautiful or taller. But rather to simply put someone in the spotlight who is passionate and committed to helping others," summarizes Sandra-Stella Triebl.

The need is there to strengthen each other

The response has been great. Already after the first announcement of the Empowering Women Award, 150 recommendations were received by the jury trio. Currently, 80 women have been nominated. "Especially now, in a time when we are struggling from one crisis to the next, such an award is a strong sign. Life goes on - especially thanks to strong women who in turn inspire other women, with the goal of unleashing our full potential and becoming better and better as a society," underlines Sandra-Stella Triebl.

Top-class international award environment

The setting of the award ceremony promises visibility and networking on an international level for the award winner: In addition to best-selling author John Strelecky ("The Café at the Edge of the World"), who is on a European reading tour on the occasion of the film of the same name, which is currently being produced by Til Schweiger, and will enrich the League of Leading Ladies Conference with a keynote speech, internationally renowned crisis communication expert Renu Bakshi, the succession advisor to the world's most famous family dynasties Sasha Lund, the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, Swati Mandela, the Waste to Clean Energy pioneer Raphael Fritz, the Hollywood producer and serial entrepreneur Didi Wong, the Global CEO of Spring Studios Giuseppe Stigliano and many others.

Empowering Women Award: How to recommend female candidates

Do you know a woman who supports other women, encourages them and is passionate and successful in helping others?

Here you can nominate your work colleague, friend, acquaintance, business partner, superior or mentor. In addition to media attention (media partnership with Ringier, cooperation with exclusive award partner Porsche Switzerland), the winner can expect an award by Swiss artist Gabriela Brunner (one-off/unique piece exclusively for this event) worth CHF 8,000.00 as well as an invitation to the League of Leading Ladies Conference 2022 incl. overnight stay from June 16 to 17, 2022 at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz worth CHF 2,300.00. The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2022.

Learn more about the award and the conference:  Here and Here


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