Expo pavilions from Nüssli received 23 awards

Nüssli draws an excellent balance at the end of Expo 2020 in Dubai. The company has realized 10 pavilions - and there have already been 32 nominations, resulting in 5 BIE Awards and a further six winning awards and twelve runners-up. 

Under the theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," some 200 countries, organizations, companies and educational institutions shared their ideas on global issues in the pavilions. And suddenly faced the unexpected global challenges of a pandemic in the run-up to the World Expo, which made planning and building difficult. Nüssli's project teams reorganized, consistently implemented measures taken and were able to complete all ten construction projects - Austria, Baden-Württemberg, Belarus, China, France, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg and Monaco - on schedule. What's more, Nüssli's pavilion projects have already been nominated and won awards.

"In our international construction activities, we assume a kind of hub function due to our tasks, but also with our project know-how. This helps us to advance each other and also drives the projects forward," Harald Dosch, COO Special Projects and responsible for NUSSLI's Expo projects, is convinced.

Excellent pavilions

Five of Nüssli's pavilions qualified for one of the BIE Awards, which are presented on the last day of Expo by the Expo's umbrella organization BIE (Bureau International des Expositions). Germany and Kazakhstan won gold and silver in the Theme Interpretation category. Japan also won gold in the Exhibition Design category. Silver and bronze went to Austria and China in the Architecture categories. The winners of the Expo Awards include Germany, Austria and Kazakhstan.

The pavilions of Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg received one and the Japanese pavilion even two Honorable Mentions in the different categories. With its sustainable architecture, the Austrian pavilion attracted even more attention and also won other awards; the Global Architecture & Design Award 2021, the BLT Built Design Award 2021, the Green Planet Building Award and the German Design Award 2022.

Innovation and sustainability

The Austrian pavilion "Austria makes Sense" consumed 70 percent less energy than comparable buildings. The pavilion structure and the facade of the Kazakh building can be recycled to a large extent. And the construction of the Baden-Württemberg house from wood saved 200 tons of CO2 compared to conventional steel construction. With a total of ten buildings implemented, Nüssli can call itself the leading company for pavilion construction of all international participants. Thanks to its Expo experience with the pavilions in Shanghai and Milan, it has now also implemented the country presentations in Dubai with great customer benefit and success.

With the new additional Expo experience in their backpacks, the Nüssli project teams are already busy preparing for the next chapter. Expo 2025 in Osaka is just around the corner.

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