Raiffeisen content platform "welovesnow.ch" wins Sponsoring Excellence Award

Sponsoring Switzerland has honored "welovesnow.ch", Raiffeisen's content snow platform, with the Sponsoring Excellence Award. Those responsible for the project accepted the award at the 3rd Night of Sponsoring in "Das Zelt" in Zurich.

Raiffeisen launched Welovesnow.ch in 2017 with the aim of creating year-round digital interaction with snow sports fans and simultaneously initiating sales-oriented measures via the platform. Over the last few years, the platform and content have been continuously developed, a substantial community has been built up, traffic has increased massively, and sales-supporting processes and measures have been established in the background.

The jury around President Urs Wyss, CSO of Ticketcorner, paid tribute to the winning project: "Raiffeisen's snowsports portal has become the core of its long-standing sponsorship commitment. In the advertising-intensive environment of skiing, "welovesnow.ch" has established itself as the leading digital thematic platform and achieves high reach throughout the year. Thanks to the balanced mix of editorial content and communication, Raiffeisen has been able to tap into the snow sports fan community and is achieving measurable benefits for the sale of banking services. Raiffeisen thus generates high added value for the entire company and sustainably strengthens its position in Swiss snow sports."

18 campaigns were in the race

Raiffeisen prevailed against 17 other exciting campaigns submitted by members of Sponsoring Switzerland and, for the first time, non-members of the association. The jury had the difficult task of judging the entries according to the criteria of overall impression, innovation, conception, relevance, implementation and cost-effectiveness, and analyzing their impact and perception.

Special awards for UBS, Swisscom and Axa Switzerland

For the first time, Sponsoring Switzerland honored the quality of individual projects with special awards. The Responsibility special award went to UBS Helpetica, an intermediary platform with which UBS mobilizes a million-strong audience for volunteering in Switzerland. The Activation special prize was awarded to Swisscom for its Swisscom Fan Screen, which brought fans and athletes together at home World Cup ski races in 2020/21 despite a pandemic. And the Pioneer special prize was secured by Axa Switzerland for its commitment to women's football as the first partner of the highest Swiss women's football league, the "AXA Women's Super League (AWSL)".

The Sponsoring Excellence Award recognizes relevant, innovative and professionally implemented sponsoring projects. It has been awarded since 2019. The aim of the award is to underline the importance of sponsoring as a marketing and communication tool and to provide a presentation platform for outstanding projects. The award is announced annually. After the presentation, the jury will determine the project(s) to be awarded based on the evaluation criteria (innovation, conception, implementation, cost-effectiveness, relevance, impact, overall impression and any special features). The jury for the 2022 award ceremony was composed of the following members: Sabine Meier, David Jäger, Michaela Braun, Mike Schwede, Gabriela Buchs, Antje Hembd, Urs Wyss (President). 

The industry association Sponsoring Switzerland emerged in 2015 from the association IG Sponsoring. Its purpose is to promote the understanding and acceptance of sponsorship and related forms of advertising as important components of modern communication, as well as to increase professionalism and loyalty in the use of sponsorship, and to represent the interests of sponsorship operators vis-à-vis authorities and third parties.


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