On our own account: m&k wins European Publishing Award 2022

Great honor for m&k: The magazine wins the European Publishing Award 2022 in the category "Magazine: B2B Media". Also honored are renowned publications such as Wirtschaftswoche, Beobachter and Madame.

m&k - The magazine for marketing and communication is awarded one of the best-known industry prizes on the European continent: Galledia's product wins the European Publishing Award 2022 in the category "Magazine: B2B Media". According to the jury, the award recognizes "outstanding trade magazines that are dedicated to a specific industry or profession.

The road to victory was by no means easy: More than 300 innovative publications from 16 national markets threw their hats into the ring at the Publishing Awards; competing for prizes in a few exclusive categories. For example, the Observer from Ringier as the interdisciplinary "Magazine Of The Year"; the Business Week won in the "Economy" category, or the German lifestyle paper Madame in the "Business" area.

For m&k the title of "Best B2B Medium in Europe" is already the second important award in relatively short succession: as recently as 2020, the magazine was recognized by the Swiss Media Association as "Best Trade Magazine in Switzerland".

A gift for 50th birthday

The publishing house and the editorial team are correspondingly delighted; after all, they are celebrating m&k - The magazine for marketing and communication also celebrates its fiftieth birthday this year. This makes the European Publishing Award 2022 a special gift - and a symbol that bold strategies and investments in print media can still pay off today.

"We are enormously grateful to the jury for their appreciation of our magazine. Every drop of heart and soul that we have poured into the paper since the relaunch in 2020 has been worth it," say Anna Kohler and Johannes Hapig, who form the core of the m&k-editorial team. They plan to accept the award in person in Vienna in June. "This is an absolute team effort and therefore also a team win," they continue. "None of this would have been possible without the relaunch art director Adrian Hablützel; without our online chief Sarah Willi, our editor Christoph Soltmannowski and the management of Galledia." She also extends her deep and sincere gratitude to each and every advertising partner, to all those who came up with ideas, and to the "people who always mean well for us.

"Living a shadowy existence for too long"

On the part of Galledia, too, one is proud of what has been achieved: "m&k has long led a shadowy existence. In recent years, the paper became a PR-heavy medium that was hardly respected on the market and was de facto on the verge of collapse. Since the relaunch in 2020, however, we have been able to double circulation, forge new partnerships and internationalize the magazine - and we will maintain this course," says Head of Trade Media Stefan Zimmermann.

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