ADC Young Creatives: After the Award is Before the Award

How do you convince advertising refusers to remove the sticker from the mailbox? After the briefing by Swiss Post, the young creatives had just under four weeks to let off steam. Now the jury of the ADC Young Creative Awards has met and chosen the winners of the four categories. was there.

The jury votes on the individual works by cell phone.

Four categories were up for grabs for submissions from creatives under 30 - Outdoor, Direct, Film and Cyber.

56 works from a total of 24 teams will be judged at the jury day at ADC headquarters. In the morning, the jury, consisting of ADC members and sponsors (see details below), meanders from work to work, which are pasted next to each other on cardboard. Subsequently, the individual works are attached to the wall, voting takes place: Out or Shortlist.

 "When in doubt, go for the youngster"

Rob Hartmann, ECD of the Jung von Matt Limmat agency, orchestrates the voting process, which is conducted for the first time via smartphone. The jury members sit in rows of chairs in front of the screen with the device in their hands and vote for shortlist or out. This reduces the error rate when counting the raised hands and at the same time allows a certain anonymity of the voting.

The discussions are lively and sometimes exhausting. "That's past the briefing, that's out," comes from the front left, "but it's a great approach, very creative," comes from the back right. Rob Hartmann briefly takes off his cap, scratches his head, looks around and says: "When in doubt, go for the youngster. Murmurs of approval. Everyone is fiddling with their cell phones, the vote is in progress. Result: shortlist.

This is how it goes hours. All the work is looked at, talked through and then assessed. That's it. Now it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty, because now the shortlist works will be "cross-examined". But first we have coffee.

A good level

It's done. There was not always agreement, but now each category has its own winner. It was exhausting, but - as every year - it was worth it. Rob Hartmann puts it this way: "This year's winners are clear winners. They convinced the jury with an exciting insight, a clear idea and successful implementation. Nevertheless, there are no losers for me. Why? Everyone else has learned and will show us how it's done in 2023. After the award is before the award.

The winners of the ADC Young Creatives Award will be announced on Wednesday.

The jury of this year's ADC YCA.

This year's ADC Young Creatives Award jury:

The representatives of the main sponsor Swiss Post and the category sponsors include Karina Chodorowska, Head of Marketing Advertising, Swiss Post, Laura Donati, Senior Project Manager Marketing Advertising, Swiss Post, Peer Kleinfeldt, Key Account Manager, APG|SGA, Rudi Haller, Swissfilm Association, and Cristina Tonitto, Head Marketing Communication, Keystone SDA-ATS.

In addition, ADC members include Rob Hartmann, Sandy Pfuhl, Julia Staub, Urs Krucker, Raul Serrat, Manuel Wenzel, Thomas Engeli, Martin Zimper and ADC Managing Director Gioia Bozzato to the jury.

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