Adrienne Fichter from Republik wins the Prix Transparence 2021

Using official documents, she reconstructed internal federal discussions on the privatization of electronic identity and uncovered influential string pullers. For this, the Republic journalist Adrienne Fichter is awarded the Prix Transparence 2021.

Prix Transparence 2021From ten of Publicity nominated entries, a jury of experts selected the Republic-This is our contribution to the best transparency story of the past year. In the run-up to the referendum on the E-ID, Adrienne Fichter reconstructed the history of the controversial bill. The federal administration and the government came under fire because their plans called for private companies, not the state, to issue citizens with an identity card for the Internet.

"With the documents, I was able to prove that the special Swiss path of a privatized E-ID was not set in stone from the beginning. Behind it was years of lobbying by business associations," says the journalist. This information was important for forming opinions before the vote. The bill failed at the ballot box.

Second place is awarded to research by Tamedia journalist Roland Gamp. In his article published in the Sunday newspaper he reveals problems in the control of arms exports based on internal reports. The journalist Stefanie Hablützel was honored for her article published in the Observer The journalist was awarded third place for her article on the landslide in Bondo GR. Mails that the journalist had requested from ETH Zurich prove that the authorities had been warned of a possible natural event.

Overall has Publicity 96 contributions were evaluated that were realized in 2021 with the help of a publicity law. Ten of these were selected for the Prix Transparence


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