Swiss Post wins the "Prix Carte de Noël" 2021

For the 14th time, the Evoq Communications agency is awarding the "Prix Carte de Noël" for the most attractive festive mailing. The 2021 winner is the post office with the made-up Santa Claus from the media and advertising market team.

At this year's "Prix Carte de Noël" from Evoq Communications, Swiss Post's media and advertising market team particularly impressed the jury. A lipstick on a purple cardboard envelope beckons to be opened. Inside, a made-up Santa Claus - or is it a Mrs. Claus? - awaits the curious. Under the title "Beautiful Christmas," the post office is calling on people to spruce up for the holidays, dress nicer and decorate their homes as lavishly as possible. These are activities that are perhaps being neglected during this time of low contact. Swiss Post also wishes the recipients lots of fun, a sense of humor and positive energy for the start of the new year - something I'm sure everyone can use.

The festive shipment is complemented with a gingerbread cake, which is also decorated with the made-up Christmas creature in icing. The shipment is so well received by Evoq that only a few crumbs are left for judging and documenting the winner. The lipstick envelope with matching content is thus worth the jury the "Prix Carte de Noël", which is crowned as every year with an Epiphany cake.

On the second corona marked feast days continues in contrast to 2020 hardly anyone is still dealing with the pandemic. The topic seems to be through, at least on Christmas cards. Instead, the focus is more on traditional holiday subjects, such as fir trees, snowy landscapes or Christmas bearded women.

The agency also noticed that the color white and the square format were used particularly frequently in this year's mailings. The judging of the festive verses that have arrived at Evoq in recent weeks has once again taken place under special circumstances: The jury met in a team conference, the cards were individually held in front of the camera and evaluated with grades.

The jury gives its evaluation in the corona compliant team meeting.
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