Eurobest: Silver for CRK's animated film

On Monday, the gold, silver and bronze winners* of this year's Eurobest Award were announced. Silver goes to the agency CR Kommunikation.

Eurobest AwardIn 2020, CR Kommunikation developed, planned and implemented a campaign for long-term care for Curaviva Switzerland, Spitex Switzerland and OdASanté ( reported). As part of this campaign, an emotional animated film portrays the eventful life of Rosemarie, who tells her life story to her caregiver Livio.

The animated film about Rosemarie was recently with Epica gold excellent. At Eurobest, the work was shortlisted last week for the in the Film Craft categories "Production Design / Art Direction" and "Animation". In the second category, CRK can now claim a silver award.

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