Best of Swiss Web is looking for the best web projects of the year again in 2022

On April 7, 2022, the Best of Swiss Web Awards will be presented for the 22nd time. Once again, the best and most innovative web projects in Switzerland will be sought in this edition. Hostpoint is the new sponsoring partner of Best of Swiss Web and its sister award Best of Swiss Apps.

Best of Swiss Web
The winner of the "Master of Swiss Web 2021" was the project " - Relaunch". (Image: Best of Swiss Web)

From now until February 3, 2022, clients and customers from all over Switzerland can submit their best web projects of the year. Participants have the chance to win buoys in eleven categories, which will be presented at the Award Night on April 7, 2022, in front of around 1,000 guests.

Due to the Corona-related postponement of the award night of Best of Swiss Web 2021, the waiting period between the last award ceremony and the launch of Best of Swiss Web 2022 is reduced from six to only two months.

Hostpoint is new sponsoring partner

Hostpoint is now the sponsoring partner of the two awards Best of Swiss Web and Best of Swiss Apps. "As Switzerland's largest web hosting provider and domain registrar, we follow developments in the Swiss digital scene very closely and would like to do our bit to ensure that the best projects are also visible and can be celebrated," says Claudio Röllin, Co-Founder of Hostpoint. The company thus joins previous sponsors and partners Goldbach,, Magnolia, Opacc, Teambox and Digicomp.

Submissions for 18th Crossmedia Award already started

Goldbach already opened the submission window for the year's best cross-media campaigns on Friday ( reported). As in previous years, the best cross-media campaigns will be honored at the Best of Swiss Web Award Night in 2022. is looking for the best .swiss websites for the third time

All websites with a .swiss extension once again have the opportunity to win an additional special prize: Best of Swiss Web, in cooperation with, is awarding the "Best of .swiss" award for the third time. The second buoy in federal red went to in September 2021 ( reported). Projects are evaluated which use a URL with the ending .swiss.

Internet and mail addresses with .swiss are globally and immediately understandable and particularly distinguish Swiss companies and organizations. Each allocation is checked by the Swiss government. The use of the extension .swiss is a commitment to the values of quality, innovation, and reliability.

The projects are judged on their quality of craftsmanship, but also on whether they implement in their visual design and impression the characteristics of innovation, quality and reliability that are considered typically Swiss. The jury, which is chaired by Fabian Unteregger, will award a single project as the best .swiss project of the year. The responsible team will be presented with an exclusive BoSW buoy with logo in federal red at the award ceremony.

The BoSW timeline at a glance.
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