"Advertiser:in of the Year" 2021/22: Vote now!

Who will be "Advertiser:in of the Year" 2021/22? m&k and Werbewoche.ch present the three nominees. The online voting is over.

This year, they will be competing for the "Egon" trophy, which will be presented to the "Advertiser of the Year" on November 30: Maurizio Rugghia, David Schärer and Andrea Bison (from left to right). (Photo: Chris Reist)

The most important facts in brief:

  • Nominated for "Advertiser:in of the Year" 2021 are:
  • The subscribers of the Advertisingweek.ch/m&k-newsletter and the "Werber:in des Jahres" jury each have a 50 percent share in determining who will be chosen as the new "Werber:in des Jahres" on November 30. If you have not yet subscribed to the newsletter, you can register here.
  • Per subscriber:in each a Vote counted. Forwarding your own newsletter to other people does not work either: Every voter must have subscribed to the newsletter with his/her own e-mail address.
  • The online voting is closed.
  • Ship ahoy: The award night will take place November 30 on Lake Zurich.


In a little more than two months, the second year marked by Covid-19 will come to an end. After we had to postpone last year's award, then still connected to the "Best of Swiss Web" award night, to the end of October due to a pandemic, this year's "Werber:in des Jahres" award will take place as an independent event: On November 30, the m&k and Advertisingweek.ch and select the "Advertiser of the Year" in an intimate setting on Lake Zurich.

In 2020, just before the pandemic hit, the expert jury was able to determine the nominees in a live workshop. This year, the judging took place completely "remotely". However, this did not detract from a fruitful, lively discussion. As a result, three people were nominated who represent the broad spectrum of the industry and do justice to its diversity today. Because what has become clear in the meantime is that "the" typical advertiser or "the" classic advertiser no longer exists.

Andrea Bison was chosen among the nominees for the second time in a row after 2020: The expert jury agreed that the co-founder of Thjnk Zurich - together with partner Alexander Jaggy - has achieved an enormous amount. Started from scratch, the agency has developed into a relevant, successful player in the Swiss creative landscape within just a few years.

Another nomination that is clear to the jury is David Schärer, founding partner of Rod Kommunikation. The agency has had its hands full with communications for the Federal Office of Public Health over the past year and a half. Schärer should have received a nomination as early as 2020 for the implementation of the prevention, solidarity and vaccination campaigns around the coronavirus. But since the jury had already met before the pandemic, the Rod partner has now earned a permanent place among the nominees.

2016 has Maurizio Rugghia founded Sir Mary together with Florian Beck and Daniel Zuberbühler. An agency that breaks with old structures and is always looking for new challenges. Recently, the agency celebrated its fifth anniversary - and looks back on turbulent years that were also marked by success. After Daniel Zuberbühler narrowly failed to claim the title of "Advertiser of the Year", Rugghia is now in the running for an "Egon".

Anna Kohler, Editor-in-Chief of m&k and Werbewoche.ch, got to the heart of the three nominees in the "Off The Record" video podcast. Below you will find the interview in full length - as a video or audio podcast. (swi)

The election procedure:

Also this year, the decision is made up of two factors, each accounting for 50 percent: the jury vote (each member has 1 vote) and the election of the Advertising Week-readership (online voting, each newsletter subscription has 1 vote).

All subscribers to the Advertising week/m&k-newsletter. We will inform you about all details in the newsletter and on Werbewoche.ch.

Per subscriber:in each a Vote counted. Forwarding your own newsletter to other people does not work either: Every voter must have subscribed to the newsletter with his/her own e-mail address.

The Award

The title "Advertiser:in of the Year" is awarded by the Advertising Week since 1977. You can find all previous "Advertisers of the Year" in the Hall of Fame.

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