Nominated for "Advertiser of the Year" 2021: David Schärer, Rod Kommunikation

Der Mitgründer von Rod Kommunikation David Schärer war in den vergangenen Jahren bereits nominiert und darf nun erneut auf einen «Egon» hoffen. m&k hat dem Nominierten auf den Zahn gefühlt.

Nominiert zum «Werber des Jahres» 2021: David Schärer, Rod Kommunikation
David Schärer, co-founder of the Rod Kommunikation agency. (Photo: Chris Reist)

The label "spin doctor" suits him well, says David Schärer, advertiser and co-founder of the agency Rod communication. He is passionate about developing campaigns that are close to his heart and garner media attention.


Anna Kohler, m&k: "Advertiser". Is this title still up to date?

David Schärer: I feel quite comfortable with the term. Communicator:in of the year would still be an alternative. But advertising is actually our core business. Advertising for attention.


You started with Rod as a threesome, now the agency has joined the Farner agency network. Do you have to defend the boutique approach?

We remain boutique, but Farner gives us much more options in the offer. What makes Rod a boutique is that we have a strong culture, we work with the right people. I still think it's relatively a lot of life time that you spend with your colleagues and colleagues, and it must be right.


Are you a service provider or a seducer?

More like seducers. Despite the time we work with funnels, customer journeys, algorithms and performance concepts. We can't miss the aspect of magic. And for me, that has something to do with seduction, because it can move people in the end.


Where do you see the reasons for being nominated for "Advertiser of the Year"?

It's probably the entrepreneurial achievement. Rod has now been on the road together for fourteen years. And I believe that in that time we have also succeeded in reinventing ourselves time and again and in creating campaigns that make a difference. When we succeed, we are particularly pleased. Because it means that we've been able to change something with communication.


What inspires you?

I try to get involved with things that take place outside the industry. I'm very interested in philosophy and literature. Politics is a passion of mine. I try to read a lot and take input from it and develop my own thoughts from it, which then flow into my work.


What bores you?

Related to the job, I get bored when people say, "We've always done it this way."


Together with the FOPH Rod the Corona communication designed - how creative could You be there?

I have a hard time with the term creative as a measure of quality here, because it's fuzzy. We don't make art. What we do is purpose-driven, so it should be the answer to a communication problem. I liken the Corona campaign to flying on sight. Always anticipating what is important in the next two weeks. For me, the Corona campaign is an example that you can achieve a lot with what we do.


How would you describe your leadership style?

I would say generous. That is a value that is important to me. I want to give people the confidence to take their space for their own ideas.


Which accents would you as "Advertiser of the Year"?

The term advertising sometimes has something disreputable about it, and I think that's unjustified. Because it's such a great industry that's also a huge opportunity for young people. And I would use the title to put that in the shop window.


Anna Kohler, Editor-in-Chief of m&k and, got to the heart of the three nominees in the "Off The Record" video podcast. Below you will find the interview with all nominees in full length - as a video or audio podcast.

Campaigns Rod Communication

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Ikea Switzerland: A construction manual for going to the ballot box

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Federal Office of Public Health: Coronavirus Campaign "How to Protect Yourself

For the FOPH, Rod Kommunikation launched the largest information campaign in Swiss history. Various awareness, solidarity and vaccination campaigns were carried out in 2020 and 2021.

Information on all nominees, the "Advertiser:in of the Year" election and a full-length video interview can be found at here. The online election will start on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 via newsletter. All subscribers to the Werbewoche and m&k newsletters are eligible to vote. Register here for free. The final winner of the "Egon" trophy will be determined 50/50 by the newsletter readership and the "Advertiser of the Year" jury.

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