Nominated "Advertiser of the Year" 2021/22: Maurizio Rugghia, Sir Mary

Maurizio Rugghia, Mitgründer der Zürcher Agentur Sir Mary, darf auf den Titel «Werber des Jahres» 2021/22 hoffen. Der Werber im Interview mit m&k.

Maurizio Rugghia, Founder and Managing Partner at Sir Mary. (Photo: Chris Reist)

In 2016, Maurizio Rugghia, together with Daniel Zuberbühler and Florian Beck, founded the agency Sir Mary. Previously, he was Managing Director and Partner of the agency Serranetga - now Equipe - for five years; other professional stations were Serviceplan and Assai/Wirz. Maurizio Rugghia is married, father of two children, and lives with his wife. Family in Zurich.


Anna Kohler, m&k: "Advertiser". Is this title still up to date?

Maurizio Rugghia: I don't necessarily see myself as a typical advertiser. More as an entrepreneur with a flair for digital and communication. What is still good advertising today? TV commercials, TikTok channels or even the latest product feature? The term is changing.


There were five of you when you started Sir Mary, and now the agency has over 40 people. Were there any growing pains?

For us, it's "Power of Creativity rides with Power of Data" and that takes people. So we have always seen growth as an opportunity. Our challenge: We want to think innovatively and digitally networked, and still deliver quickly and easily. This combination is difficult to reconcile, and at the same time it is the great need of our customers. To achieve this, we invest a lot in our culture and people.


Are you more of a service provider or a seducer?

I would say both. Advertising is a symbiosis between magic, emotions and data. But who are we doing it for? For people - and people are emotional beings. If you as a brand can't trigger emotions, can't manage to seduce, then there will be no sales. Every customer journey starts with desire.


What do you think are the reasons that you are nominated for "Advertiser of the Year"?

Because the agency model with which we entered the market five years ago has been confirmed. Because we have been able to grow quickly and continue to serve clients who have been with us since the beginning. And because we are able to solve complex tasks for well-known brands. That makes us very proud.


What inspires you?

Free space. For me, that means unscheduled, task-free time. You need that for good ideas. That's what I tell my children when they complain about too little program. Enjoy the boredom!


What bores you?

People who don't ask questions. Interacting with so many different, talented people is a privilege of our profession. We all need to listen more.


How would you describe your leadership style describe?

I try to express my wishes as clearly as possible. With an almost unshakable faith and trust in people's abilities and good will.


Which accents would you as "Advertiser of the Year"?

We need to ask ourselves much more intensively how we can use digitization to solve our customers' communication problems and further develop our business model. This requires a broader transfer of know-how within the industry and an open approach to answers. I am committed to this.

Campaigns Sir Mary

CSS "Hello Life

With "Hello Life", the Zurich-based agency Sir Mary has created a new positioning for CSS Insurance. The extensive launch campaign aims to inspire people to deal openly and positively with their personal destiny. (To the article on

Share your Fire Alliance

Original jerseys in which Swiss sports greats such as Roger Federer, Nicola Spirig, Kariem Hussein and Co. made sports history became 100 exclusive, handmade designer shirts. This Sir Mary campaign marked the launch of Allianz' global Olympic partnership. (To the article on

Allianz Global "Spark Confidence

For the digital activation, Sir Mary teamed up with various athletes who talk about their personal successes and failures in content pieces - and about who helped them on their way to more self-confidence. (To the article on

Samsung "Fold

For the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G, Sir Mary developed a font and implemented a teaser campaign with influencer action. (To the article on


Samsung "Epic Mode

Samsung and Sir Mary launched the Samsung Galaxy S21 in "Epic Mode". This smartphone edition was supposed to make the lifestyle of its owners epic for one year: The device came with twelve preinstalled apps, services and special features worth 25,000 Swiss francs. (To the article on

BfU "Don't Mess It Up"

Sir Mary showed that prevention work for Generation Z can be done differently with the campaign for young motorcyclists "Don't Mess It Up". Together with the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BfU), the agency launched five spots that immerse the target group in whimsical, colorful and exciting worlds via social media. (To the article on

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