Mjm.cc: Audio branding for "Swiss Film Award" in the final of the Music+Sound Awards in London

For the audio branding of the Swiss Film Award, Mjm.cc has already been awarded an ADC cube in this country. Now the work also makes it to the finalists of the international "Music+Sound Awards".

The audio branding for the Swiss Film Awards was chosen by the jury as one of the best six entries in the category "Best Original Composition in Branding" at the "Music+Sound Awards". The Swiss project now enters the international race against the works of Rolls Royce, History Channel, Singapore Airlines and the Belgian Football Pro-League. The idea and concept of the emotional and adaptable composition came from Great Garbo.

According to Ivo Kummer, head of the Film Section at the Federal Office of Culture, the implementation of this project is considered a prime example of dedicated interdisciplinary work between students and established talents in the Swiss film music industry.

Whether Mjm.cc will win the award in the "Best Original Composition in Branding" category will be announced on Thursday.

Customer: Swiss Film Award. Client: Ivo Kummer (Federal Office of Culture), SRG SSR, City of Zurich, City of Geneva, Canton of Geneva, Canton of Zurich. Agency: Mjm.cc, Martin Matt (Project Manager), Bettina Marti, Florence Noelpp (Project Manager). Idea, concept & composition: Diego Baldenweg with Nora Baldenweg & Lionel Baldenweg (Great Garbo). Implementation Partners: Zurich University of the Arts, Prof. Michael Eidenbenz, Prof. Felix Baumann, Prof. André Bellmont, Prof. Daniel Dettwiler, Olav Lervik (project management). Video Making-of: Andy Quan (Urbanistic Productions).

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