FemBizSwiss Award 2021: Six power women honoured

On Saturday, the FemBizSwiss Award was presented for the second time at the Swiss Re premises. Women who are driving digitalisation in Switzerland were honoured in six categories.

In September 2020, the FemBizSwiss was hosted for the first time in Switzerland (Werbewoche.ch reported). Whether founders or designers from SMEs or corporations - the mission of the award is to recognize women in Switzerland who are significantly shaping innovation and digitalization. The initiator of the award is Tijen Onaran, founder of Global Digital Women.

Now, on Saturday, the award was presented for the second time.

FemBizSwiss Award 2021

The winners

Category (Sponsor)NominatedWinner
(Swiss Re)
Aileen Zumstein, aizu communication
Yael Meier, Blogger
Olga Miler, CEO SmartPurse
Olga Miler
InnovationElla Cullen, Co-Founder & CMO Minespider
Jolanda Spiess-Hegglin, Managing Director #NetzCourage
Linda Armbruster, Managing Partner, Spark Works AG
Jolanda Spiess-Hegglin
LeadershipAnja Wyden Guelpa, CEO civicLAB
Susanne Laurentia Häcki, Intrapreneur New Work & Mobility SBB
Yasemin Tahris, Co-Founder FLOWIT AG
Susanne Laurentia Häcki
IT-Tech (Accenture)Myriam Lingg CEO macu4
Rhiana Spring, Founder and President Kona Connect
Sylvia Stocker, Founder CEO Arabesque LLC
Myriam Lingg
Diversity (Salesforce)Frederike Asael, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Impact Hub Bern
Valentina Velandia, Co-Founder and Partnership Curator, Capacity
Xiao Jean Chen, CEO & Founder Venture Pole AG
Xiao Jean Chen
Digital Transformation (Swiss Post)Federica Suardi, Big Data Architect
Leonie Flückiger, Co-Founder and CTO Adresta AG
Nicole Wenger-Schubiger, Co-Founder Swiss Online School GmbH
Federica Suardi
Source: FemBizSwiss Award
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