Numerous Swiss winners at the German Brand Award 2021

Among the winners of the German Brand Award 2021 are various Swiss companies and agencies. Planted receives the "Best of Best" award in the XYZ category.

The German Brand Award was presented for the sixth time. The competition, which was initiated by the German Design Council, presents the most innovative brand appearances as well as creative campaigns.

2021, a total of 13 "Best of Best" awards were presented, the highest distinction of the Brand Awards. Among them is Planted, a Swiss company. Together with its creative agency Foundry, the ETH spin-off was able to secure the title of "Sustainable Brand of the Year". In addition, there was one gold and two silver awards.

The "Best of Best" winners at a glance

  • Corporate Brand of the Year: RWE
  • Employer Brand of the Year: MHP Management- und IT-Beratung
  • Digital Brand of the Year: Adam Riese (Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group [W&W])
  • Brand Efficiency of the Year: IU Internationale Hochschule (International University Bad Honnef)
  • Brand Experience of the Year: Deutsche Telekom AG (Magenta Moon Campus; flora&faunavisions)
  • Lighthouse Project of the Year: BMW Motorrad (smartphone instead of trade fair presentation - digital transformation of product launches at BMW Motorrad; LOBECO GmbH)
  • Brand Strategy of the Year: Sartorius (Sartorius Brand Relaunch; loved GmbH)
  • Brand Innovation of the Year: Deutsche Telekom AG (Liquid Brand Design; MetaDesign)
  • Product Brand of the Year: Womanizer
  • Service Brand of the Year: FPS Lawyers & Notaries (APPEL NOWITZKI)
  • Sustainable Brand of the Year: Planted (Foundry Berlin)
  • Brand Impact of the Year: Regionique
  • Brand Revival of the Year: Oventrop

German Brand Award 2021

The Swiss winners

CategoryProject nameClientContractor
Sustainable Brand of the YearPlantedPlantedFoundry
Brand Innovation and New Business ModelsPlantedPlantedFoundry
Brand Design - Product BrandAlproseChocolat AlproseReal
Brand Communication - Brand Events, Fairs & ExhibitionsA Switzerland for children. Really?Child Protection SwitzerlandBellprat Partner
Brand Impact of the YearTastyrevolutionPlantedFoundry
fast moving consumer goodsPlantedPlantedFoundry
Brand Design - PackagingMammut PackagingMammothKeim Identity
Lighthouse Project of the YearMammut PackagingMammothKeim Identity
Brand Design - Corporate BrandAu ParkIntershop HoldingFarner
Brand Communication - Integrated CampaignZurich goes wildZurich Cantonal BankCash Cow Farmers Zurich
Branded Activities During Covid 19Corona Content CampaignComparis
Tools & GardeningConductorSchaffner AG
Brand Design - Corporate BrandBreast Center RheinfeldenFricktal Health CentreModulator
Brand Design - Corporate BrandOSTOST - Swiss University of Applied SciencesKeim Identity
Brand Communication - Guerilla MarketingLidl sneakersLidl Switzerland
Brand Communication - Brand Events, Fairs & ExhibitionsArgolite Swissbau 2020ArgoliteAroma
Brand Communication - Storytelling & Content MarketingRevueFricktal Health CentreModulator
Education & ResearchZbWCentre for professional development
Lighthouse Project of the YearCorona Content CampaignComparis
Brand Communication - PrintLess is moreFelix Partner Architecture
Brand Communication - Web & MobileArchitecture and design: interdisciplinary and multifunctionalFelix Partner Architecture
Brand Design - Product BrandSigvarisSigvaris Management
Lighthouse Project of the YearOSTOST - Swiss University of Applied SciencesKeim Identity
Brand Strategy of the YearLidl sneakersLidl Switzerland
Source: German Brand Award
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