These are the nominees of the Zurich Journalism Award 2021

From the 160 texts submitted, the jury of the Zurich Journalism Prize 2021 nominated ten works. In addition, three works were nominated for the Newcomer Prize.

Even under more difficult conditions, journalists produce high-quality work. This is demonstrated by the rich spectrum of strong articles submitted for this year's Zurich Journalism Prize. The jury has now made its shortlist from the 160 texts submitted. The following contributions are among the ten nominees:

  • Andreas Babst, Completely Knocked Out (New Zurich Newspaper)
  • Katharina Bracher, Sacha Batthyany, "Bin doch erst 13" - "All the better!" (NZZ am Sonntag Magazine)
  • Flurin Clalüna, Two Friends (New Zurich Newspaper)
  • Thomas Schifferle, Bianca and Brigitte (The Magazine)
  • Christof Gertsch, Mikael Krogerus, The Magglingen Protocols (The Magazine)
  • Christopher Gilb, scratching the image of the corporate savior (Lucerne newspaper)
  • Stefan Keller, Hot summer nights with snow angels (WOZ The weekly newspaper)
  • Christoph Lenz, The Climate Disgrace of Visp (The Magazine)
  • Daniel Ryser, "A Murderous System Creates Itself Before Our Eyes" (Republic)
  • Marlon Rusch, The Beaten, (Schaffhausen AZ)
  • Michael Schillinger, Janique Weder, Would you buy this hotel? (New Zurich Newspaper)

Three of these works will be awarded the Zurich Journalism Prize of CHF 10,000 each at the award ceremony on 30 August. In addition, the jury has nominated three works for the Newcomer Prize of CHF 5,000:

  • Fabia Bernet, The Story of a Forgotten Life (Zurich Oberlander)
  • Meret Michel, The House at the Crater (Republic)
  • Samuel Tanner, Faith and Power (NZZ am Sonntag Magazine)

One of the three works will be crowned with the Newcomer Award. Due to corona, the award ceremony will not take place until 30 August in Zurich's "Kaufleuten".

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