Clio: Ruf Lanz, TBWA\Zürich and CRK can hope for metal

The Clio is one of the Big Five international award shows. On 21 April, bronze, silver and gold will be decided in New York - three Swiss agencies are also in the running. TBWA-ECD and jury member Manuel Wenzel in conversation with

Ruf Lanz is on the shortlist in three categories with the already multiple award-winning campaign "The art of transporting art" for Welti Furrer: Poster, Print and Print & OOH Craft.

TBWA\Zurich also made it onto the shortlist three times. Once for Coop with "Nevi" in the Film Craft category and twice with the work "Field" for McDonald's in the Illustration and Print categories.

CR Kommunikation is also nominated with three campaigns. With the video "Four friends" for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the agency was shortlisted in the "Film Craft - Animation" category. Take Over" for Pro Infirmis was nominated in the "Out of Home - Billboard" category, and the film "The eventful life of Rosemarie" for Curaviva, Spitex and OdASanté was nominated in the "Design Craft - Animation" category.

Manuel Wenzel from TBWA\Zurich was on the jury for both the Clio (Film) and the One Show (Radio & Audio) this year. spoke to him about the award and the judging process. Manuel Wenzel, dhe Clio Awards in New York are among the most prestigious international creative competitions. You sit on the jury. Many years of strategic work or a stroke of luck?

Manuel Wenzel: More of a "gap case."


By "gap case," do you mean Dennis Lück?

Yeah, right. Dennis brought me in there at the Clio and the people there obviously didn't mind. It was very cool and educational and ultimately, even if I find such words in the advertising fuzzi context a bit over, an honor.


How did the judging go in pandemic times?

The judging ran over several weeks, there were almost 1000 minutes of film to watch and evaluate. This was done individually up to the statue round and via a very pleasant to use online tool. The final decisions from SL to Gold were then discussed and decided via video call.


You yourself are nominated with TBWA\Zurich, did you have to stand down?

Sure I had to take a walkout sometimes, but unfortunately not that often.


How different are the judging processes between Clio and One Show? Because you are a member of the jury there as well.

The processes are plusminus the same, the online tool works a bit differently and with the One Show even more submissions trickle in bit by bit, so it's almost a bit of Sisyphean work and you spend a lot of time with or in the first round. And the One Show judging is still going on, so I can't really judge it until the end. But there are more video calls scheduled for the discussions. What I would like to say here: Make more radio again, guys. There's something going on!


As the creative director of TBWA, you're used to being evaluated yourself for your work. What's it like to screen other work?

It is also my everyday life to evaluate work and yes, to be evaluated. But that's more from clients and usually based on more parameters than pure creativity. And of course as a participant in the award shows. In general I have a split relationship to the award circus. A love-hate relationship, so to speak. I'm one of those people who can get terribly upset about various judgments and then question the circus, but also one of those who is very happy to receive an award. Bit bigoted, I know. In the meantime, I'm just happy when any Swiss agency manages to attract a bit of international attention. Like Thjnk last year with the cool "Catch a flight" thing, or Ruf Lanz with some of his work. I simply enjoy good creation and am at most envious in a positive sense when it comes from someone else.


What are the main criteria in the evaluation of creative works?

Hm, these are actually defined in very meaningful manifestos. And creativity is always at the top of the list. And for me that simply means in other words: is it really new? Has something new been created, a new angle on a subject been found? And of course the pure craft for all the craft categories. But for me personally something else counts almost more, namely if it touches me, if it triggers something emotional, or if I just consume it away. Especially with film. Even the smartest idea is useless if it doesn't touch the people, the consumers. Even if it's just a laugh. It's as much an art to be really funny as it is to be really touching, as it is to be really clever, strategically and conceptually, but also, for example, in dealing with technology. And all that (and many more) can be justified reasons for an award.

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